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My New Jamie Oliver Professional Series Tefal Grill Pan

Jamie Oliver Grill PanOn Friday night I finally succumbed and purchased the Jamie Oliver Grill Pan and today I cooked Porterhouse Steak for lunch.

Wow, this pan cooked the meat to perfection and because it has the shark’s tooth ridges which transmit heat to the ridge peaks, it chargrills perfectly.

This is the 28×24 (approx 11″x 9″) cast aluminum grill pan has prometal non-stick interior/exteriors. And what is prometal I hear you ask – well it is Tefal’s premium multi layer coating that is reinforced with ultra hard minerals making it metal utensil safe and super easy to clean.

Being a T-fal product it has the red thermal spot indicator that lets you know when your pan is pre-heated to the right temperature that will seal in the flavor.Tefal Red Spot

The pan is of course dishwasher safe.

Jamie Oliver and T fal have produced what I would consider to be one of the best ranges of cookware for the home cook, that is available on the market today.
I am so thrilled with with all the pieces of Jamie Oliver cookware that I have purchased recently and I am sure you will as well.

Tips for Cleaning Your Copper Cookware

copper-cookware-set-3-pieceHow to Look After Your Copper Cookware

Copper is great for cooking, beautiful to look at, and a real pain to keep clean. Here are some tips on cleaning your copper cookware so that it keeps is lustrous look throughout a lifetime of use.

1. Remove Lacquer Before Using Copper Cookware

In order to protect it from tarnish, most copper cookware is shipped with a layer of lacquer over it. This lacquer can melt if used while cooking, which can damage your stove and cause horrible stains on your cookware. Remove the lacquer by boiling the cookware in a mixture of 1 cup of baking soda for every 2 gallons of water.

2. Abrasive Washing Damages the Lining of Your Cookware

Copper reacts with many foods, which alters the taste and can cause toxic metals to leech into your body. In order to prevent this reaction, most copper is lined with stainless steel, tin, or silver. Be sure never to use abrasive cleaners or metal implements on this lining.

3. Never Machine Wash Copper

Cleaning copper in the dishwasher will cause it to degrade very quickly. Instead, rinse it in warm water along with mild dish soap. Use a soft cloth or gentle nylon scrubbing sponge to remove stuck-on foods.

4. Dry Immediately After Washing

Water droplets from washing can cause unsightly streaks and stains on your cookware. Dry your pots and pans thoroughly with a soft cloth after washing.

5. Use Home-Made Copper Cleaner

Store-bought copper cleaner can be expensive and inconvenient, but you can bring out the same bright shine by rubbing your copper cookware with lemons cut in half and sprinkled with salt, or by mixing equal parts salt, vinegar, and flour.

Mauviel Copper Cookware Set

Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen – Blog Of The Week


Our choice for this weeks ‘Blog of the Week is

‘Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen’

Jaden is a cooking instructor, food columnist and food photographer in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Jaden specialises in teaching us how to prepare tasty Asian dishes at home.

The Steamy Kitchen is full of great recipes, helpful hints, information and it is written in a witty style that makes you want to keep reading – check out the Grilled Whole Fish on a Banana leaf to see what I mean.

Just Stumbling Upon Some Great Cooking Blogs

food-332.JPGJust recently while browsing on the net I found Stumbleupon which for those that don’t know is a web browser toolbar plugin that you can use to literally ‘stumble upon’ websites and blogs that relate to topics that you are interested in.

All you need to do is click a button on the toolbar and it will take you to a random website. For me, it takes me to cooking sites and I have found some brilliant ones while I have been stumbling away.

I definitely recommend that you try StumbleUpon. I now find all of those websites and blogs that normally wouldn’t be found on a search engine like Google or Yahoo. StumbleUpon sites are ‘favored’ by users so in general, you only see the best of the best.

Here are a few great cooking sites that I have found while stumbling:

  • 365 Cheeses – I love cheese and I love trying as many different varieties as possible. This site takes us through 365 cheeses although at the moment they are up to #157 as I write this post. If you are a cheese lover, this is well worth a visit.
  • Bath and Body Recipes – I know, I know…this isn’t a cooking site but I liked it so much I had to add it…. and technically it does have recipes – just not food recipes. You will find heaps of recipes for body lotions, cleansers, soaps, foot scrubs and so much more.
  • The Travelers Lunchbox – A bit of a mix of food and travel…two of my most favorite things.
  • Former Fat Guy Blog – This guy lost almost 300 pounds which is an amazing feat…and he looks great! Lots of information on this blog. I particularly like the post on Freezing Foods.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Enameled Skillet – Cookware Review

le-creuset-cast-iron-enamelled-red-skilletLe Creuset 11.75-in. Enameled Skillet, Cherry Red

We have just added our latest cookware review and this time it is for the Le Creuset enamel cast iron skillet. This skillet comes in a variety of colors including cherry red, cobalt blue, dune (white), Caribbean blue, flame, kiwi and satin black. My favorite is the cobalt blue but with this range there is a color to suit any kitchen.

This skillet is a popular alternative to traditional non-stick cookware and as we are dealing with cast iron cookware here, foods cook evenly and heat is maintained for longer.

Read our full review here: Le Creuset Enameled Skillet Cookware Review