Handy Cookware – Solid Copper Polenta Pan


This great looking polenta pan is made of solid polished unlined copper and is designed to cook polenta quickly and evenly. The pot holds 5 quarts.

Ideal for preparing polenta, however it may not be suitable for cooking acidic foods such as tomato sauces, etc.

Copper conducts heat rapidly and it spreads the heat across the bottom of the pot and up the sides ensuring that the polenta is cooked evenly. The pot has a flared shape so that you can easily scrape the sides and bottom with a wooden spoon, ensuring that the polenta doesn’t stick and scorch.

The polenta pan has had a protective coating applied at the factory to prevent it tarnishing. This coating must be removed before you use the pan for cooking.

However as it is also such a nice looking piece you may decide to use it for decorative purposes only, in which case the coating can be left on to protect the pot from tarnishing.

Solid Copper Polenta Pan with Wooden Handle


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