Saucy Brazilian Soapstone Cookware

Now here’s a way to add some elegance to your kitchen.
The beauty and versatility of soapstone has been known and used by Brazilians for generations.

These practical soapstone pots will compliment the cookware you are currently using; it looks great along side stainless steel, cast iron or copper cookware.

Soapstone is an excellent medium for cooking soups, stews, chilies and other slow cooked dishes and can be uses equally well for frying and sautéing.

These lovely sandstone pots are handmade entirely of solid stone and are designed to be used in the oven, on a stovetop or grill and have the remarkable ability to conduct and retain heat. In fact pots made from sandstone are able to withstand temperatures over twice that of cast iron and other metal cookware.

Soapstone is grey in its natural state but it develops a natural non-stick surface and lustrous black patina finish when it has been seasoned.<

I know it’s tough, but hand washing recommended, however, Soapstone pots are very easy to clean with a sponge and water, although occasionally you may need to use a tad of liquid soap but this is rare as usually soap and water will do the trick.

The pots are accented with sturdy copper giving it an attractive finish.

You will get many years of service and use from this material.


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  1. Hi,

    may I enquire to find out where we can purchase one of these stove top soapstone saute pans in the UK.


  2. Sorry John, I have made enquiries and have been unable to find a source of Soapstone saute pans in the UK.

    Your best bet would purchase one online and have it shipped over.

    Clicking on the picture in the blog post will take you to our merchant who I am sure will be more than willing to assist you,


  3. A company called Panela de Pedra appears to sell soapstone cookware.


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