Cookware To Make Steaming Open Your Lobster and Clams Easy

graniteware-clam-and-lobster-steamerI grew up on Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf, 11 miles by boat from Auckland. As we lived near the beach we were able to have fresh pipi’s (clams), lobster, mussels, oysters and fish whenever we felt like it simply by strolling down to the rocky outcrops around the waters edge and helping ourselves. I remember my mother steaming open the clams in a double boiler taking care not to over cook them as there is nothing more unpleasant than rubbery seafood.

So when I saw the <Graniteware 3-Piece 19-Quart Clam and Lobster Steamer with Faucet Set I thought ‘What a great idea’. By using this 19 qt steamer you can cook up enough lobster, prawns, clams, crab or any other seafood you like for all your friends and family right at home.

Any seafood lover knows there is nothing quite so nasty as being served tasteless, over cooked seafood, it’s very unpleasant. Well this pot has been designed so that you get freshly steamed and ready to serve mouth watering seafood every time. Simply pop your seafood in the top pot and put the water in the bottom section.

And nothing goes to waste as there is a little tap on the side of the pot so that you can drain off the liquid that gathers in the bottom pot and use it to make all sorts of yummy fish dishes such as chowder, for your family.

The Lobster steamer is made from porcelain on steel by Columbian Home Products who have been in the business of making Granite Ware pots and pans for over 125 years. So they know what they are doing and you know that you are getting a product that is functional and excellent value for money.

Just a word of caution, this steamer is not suitable for use on ceramic-top stoves.

Here are some recipes you may like to try:

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