Keep Your Recipe Books Clean – Clear Solutions Cookbook Holder

clear-solutions-recipe-book-holderI don’t know about you but I am a bit of a messy cook, so my precious cookbooks often end up with smudges and greasy marks on them.

It does get a little bit frustrating at times when I try to read a recipe only to find some of the ingredients or the procedure is unreadable because of a great big greasy smudge.

Well I have found the perfect answer to keeping my cookbooks in pristine condition – the Clear Solutions Cookbook Holder.

One thing I can tell you is that this is by no means a flimsy cookbook holder. It’s jumbo size holds magazines and even those extra large cookbooks in an upright positions and adjusts to the proper angle so that you can read the recipes clearly and easily.

There is a clear, acrylic cover guard that makes sure the pages are protected from splatters. The hinges let you pull the cover guard forward so that you can easily turn the pages.

When you have finished cooking and no longer require the cookbook, the holder folds flat for easy storage.

This is one of those handy items that make the perfect gift for your cooking friends.

The Clear Solutions Jumbo Cookbook Holder measures 15.75-in. x 12-in.


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