All Clad Wok Review: All Clad 12in Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Wok

all-clad-wok1I’d have to say that my favorite stainless steel cookware brand is All Clad. The precision, quality and care that goes into their cookware makes it worth every cent. All Clad is not cheap but you get what you pay for with All Clad and that is a lifetimes worth of use.

This All Clad wok is no exception. At around the hundred dollar mark at for All Clad that is a bargain.

What We Like

  • This wok has an aluminum core which means that foods cook evenly without hot spots. You won’t have the problem of having a mix of burnt and undercooked foods – it will all cook evenly. If you haven’t used good quality cookware in the past you will be surprised at how much improved your cooking results will be.
  • This wok comes with a reversible base ring on which the wok sits on when cooking. This can be reversed so to accommodate high or low heat cooking.
  • This wok comes with a tempura rack which basically drains fried foods whilst keep them warm at the same time.
  • This wok just looks damn good.

What We Don’t Like

  • The handles on this wok can get hot so you will need to use oven mitts.

Where Can I Get the Best Price?

We found the best price for this All Clad wok at



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  1. I called All-Clad today, 11/3/11, to ask a simple question about any improvements made to the quality of the Deluxe Slow Cooker insert.

    The arrogant, ill-informed phone rep indicated that, the quality issue is irrelevant because, “we replace it anyway”. Poor answer. Poor company policy. Poor customer service.

    I asked how long a customer has to return the insert under warranty. The rep said “it depends”, then declined to share the variables on which the exchange policy relies.

    I was denied an understanding of the stipulations that preclude the successful replacement of an insert. Therefore, I asked to speak with a manager.

    I specifically declined to share my last name with this unpleasant phone rep. I was told that providing my first and last name and zip code were required in order to speak with a manager. I again declined and offered my last name as “Smith”.

    When the manager called back, he had presumed to look up my actual last name and used it in the voice mail message.

    This action was disrespectful and unprofessional – by a manager no less. I’m shocked that All-Clad employs this calibre of unfortunate and arrogant individuals.

    Do I need to compromise my privacy and endure disrespect by immature, arrogant phone reps in order to be provided with appropriate customer service from All-Clad? – And to be provided with information about All-Clad products?

    I’ll never buy an All-Clad product again.