Wheat Grass Juicer – A Health Boost

wheat-grassWheat grass is reported to give you a great boost to your immune system and general well being.

Although it has a disgusting color, which is what turns many off even trying it, those people who do indulge find that it gives them an energy kick. I was one of those nay sayers when I was first introduced to wheat grass juice, but now I am a convert.

And once you have discovered the benefits of wheatgrass you will definitely want to make your own so that you can take it anytime you want. And that is where the compact Weston stainless steel wheat grass juicer comes into play. Plus you can use this handy juicer not only on wheat grass but also to juice soft fruits and soft vegetables.

Features of the Wheat Grass Juicer:

  • It is made from heavy-duty Stainless Steel
  • Effortless turning of the ergonomically designed crank handle
  • The clamp attaches to any counter top up to 1.5 inches thick
  • There is an adjustable pulp control
  • You can easily take it apart for quick clean up
  • There is a one-year limited warranty

Where can I buy the Wheat Grass Juicer?
Unbeatable Sale.com


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