Zojirushi Bread Machine Review: Home Bakery Supreme Bread Machine BBCC-X20

zojirushi-bread-machineI really enjoy making my own bread. I must admit though that I don’t always have the time even though I have a bread machine which makes it all as easy as pie.

This Zojirushi bread machine definitely makes bread making all too easy. Simply add your ingredients and choose your setting.

My favorite thing about this machine however is it’s pre-programmable function so you can have hot bread ready and waiting every morning

What We Like

  • Not only can you make a loaf of bread from start to finish but you can also use this bread machine just to make the dough if you like and then transfer to your oven to cook. This means that you can make dough for pizzas, bread buns, sweet rolls and so on.
  • You can open the lid during the cycle to add fruits and nuts and other ingredients without interrupting the cycle.
  • The window at the top lets you see how your bread is cooking.
  • It has a non-stick pan for easy clean up.
  • It has a programming function so you can add your own recipes for later use.
  • One reviewer also commented that the size of the bread was the right size for most toasters. This is because the Zojirushi bread machine is shaped lengthwise so you get a more traditional style loaf.
  • You can also make jam, cake and even meat loaf in this bread maker!
  • It also has a preheat function which brings your ingredients to room temperature although this can be turned off if required.
  • This bread machine has two kneading blades. Most other bread machines have one. This ensures that the bread is thoroughly kneaded and you won’t find yourself having to scrape down the sides as often with this machine.
  • You can make gluten free bread in this machine.
  • If you like sourdough bread then you will love this. Normally sourdough starter takes 7-10 days but this machine prepares light sourdough starter in 2 hours.
  • The pre-programmable timer allows you to have your bread bake at a certain time so you can wake up in the morning to freshly baked bread.
  • It has a quick bake option that can have bread baked in 2 hours.
  • It bakes a 2lb traditional style loaf.

What We Don’t Like

  • This bread machine will take up more space on your counter than regular bread machines.
  • There is an automatic beeping that goes off midway into the cycle that lets you know that now is the time to add additional ingredients if required. Unfortunately this can’t be turned off so if you are baking bread overnight to be ready to eat in the morning, the beeping may wake up sleepers if their bedroom is close to the kitchen.

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