Cleaning Copper Cookware: Calphalon Radiance Copper Cookware Cleaner Review

calphalon-copper-cleanerIf you own a set of copper cookware then you are probably already aware that they can tarnish pretty quickly. Copper cookware does take a bit of work to keep it looking good so a good copper cleaner is worth every cent if it does the job well.

Calphalon have manufactured their own copper cookware cleaner and from all accounts it appears to do the job of cleaning copper cookware quite well. Although this product is made for copper cookware a number of reviewers have used this on their stainless steel cookware with great success.

To use you just apply with the applicator that is provided or you can use a sponge or a dishcloth. Then you rinse in hot water and dry thoroughly.

Most of the reviewers on the net were extremely pleased with this product. I could only find one that was dissatisfied.

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