Norpro Tortilla and Pancake Keeper – Keep Your Tortillas Warm

norpro-tortilla-and-pancake-keeper The Norpro warmer is just perfect for keeping your tortillas, pancakes or breads warm.

I find it frustrating when you put your torillas and warm garlic bread on the table only to find that before long it is cold. And repeated heating dries everything so that it becomes unappetising.

Well with the lighweight plastic Norpro 10-in. Tortilla and pancake keeper you will find that your tortillas and pancakes remain warm and moist for extended periods of up to 20 minutes, until you are ready to eat.

The container can be popped in the dishwasher so it is easy to clean.And it can be used in the microwave.

Why not buy a couple of these handy items, one to keep food warm and the other to keep food cold. They are ideal for camping as they are made from plastic so they are less likely to get damaged that some of your other containers.

The Norpro tortilla and pancake keeper can be used to keep other thing warm as well, such as bacon, mashed potato and eggs, or you can use it as a mixing bowl.

This tortilla warmer received a 100% rating as being good value. Read all the reviews at



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