Presto Electric Potato Peeler – Peel a Meal Peeler

presto-electric-potato-peelerWe all know the frustration of having to peel lots of potatoes with one of those dinky little peelers. They are great for when you only have a couple of potatoes to peel, but if you are preparing home made chips or a large quantity of mashed potatoes then you want something a little more robust and that will peel bigger quantities at a time.

Well this is where the  Presto 02905 Peel-A-Meal Electric Peeler  comes in handy. This is a much faster and easier way to peel up to two pounds of potatoes in only one to four minutes. Talk about labor saving.

But the beauty of the Presto peel a meal peeler is that you can also peel apples when you are making a delicious apple pie for dessert.

The cover is see through so you can keep a check to see when the food is peeled.

This handy kitchen accessory can also be used to dry lettuce and spinach, well any leafy vegetable because there is a bonus salad spinner attachment included with the peeler.  So you can also dry off those gourmet lettuce leaves for that interesting side salad.

Features of the Presto Peel a Meal Electric Peeler:

*  The bowl and peeling disc can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher
*  You can peel up to two pounds in only 1 – 4 minutes
*  The cord stores neatly in the base when you are not using the peeler.

Where Can I Buy Presto Peel a Meal Electric Peeler?
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