Paula Deen 12-pc. Nonstick Porcelain Cookware Set

paula-deen-12-pce-nonstick-porcelain-cookware-setPaula Deen has designed a range of non-stick porcelain cookware that is durable, functional and attractive.

The set comes in speckled green, charcoal and red so there is a color to suit your kitchen.

The set is made from aluminum with a porcelain enamel exterior. The non stick cooking surface lets your food slide easliy from the pan to the plate.

The rubberised color co-ordinated handles are dual riveted and give a nice comfortable and secure grip.

The Paula Deen 12-pc. nonstick signature porcelain cookware set is oven safe to 350° F so you can start cooking on the stove top and finish the dish off in the oven.

There are copper plated rings attached so that you can conveniently hang the pots from your pot rack.

Where Can Buy the Paula Deen Porcelain Cookware Set?


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  1. How does this set hold up on a smooth glass cooktop? Many of my pans warp when heated up so cannot be used on this new stove top. Will this set warp on the bottom?

    • i bought the paula deen 13 pc signature set and they ruined my glass cook top the bottom of the pans all wore off after 2 weeks nd are now rough on the bottom and they scratched my cooktop….

  2. The Paula Deen range of cookware has only recently been released so information regarding this product is fairly limited at this point. So at the moment I am finding it difficult to find out whether these are safe to use on induction or ceramic cook tops.

    As more information becomes available we will provide an updated review but at this stage we can’t really provide you with a suitable answer.

    I have contacted the Paula Deen company for more info but just waiting on that at the moment.

  3. No reply yet? Christmas shopping season is upon us and I would be very interested to hear Deb’s reply. Thank you!

  4. Yes I did receive a reply but it wasn’t particularly helpful. They just directed me to a website which has the same information that you can get pretty much anywhere on the net.

    I will try again and ask them to be more specific.

  5. I gave up on my GE Profile smooth glass cooktop range. Today a Maytag Gemini double oven gas range was delivered. Now all the pots and pans in my cabinets will be put to use.

  6. That’s a shame Deb but I guess there is no point if you can’t use the majority of the mainstream pots and pans that are available today.

  7. The people who designed the glass cooktops should have been more agressive about advertising what cookware is good for their product. The people who make cookware should have advertised if their cookware worked well on the smooth top ranges. Someone missed out on a great opportunity to put out a whole “new line” of cookware.
    I may eventually purchase a set of that Paula Dean cookware. It is pretty to look at, is non stick and I like the red color for my kitchen!
    Two reviews so far are good.

  8. lynn antheil says:

    well this is interesting – I just bought the signature series 13 piece porcelon, it is sitting on my table and I open the box and it says not recommended for glass top stoves – first, why wasn’t this on the front of the box,
    plus the fact that they were not diswasher safe,
    and now I am concerned about ruining my glasstop stove – should I take the set back
    and consider the product as not properly disclosed on the box?

  9. lynn antheil says:

    now I am really curious about what I purchased-since I do not see it on any website- the set I bought at Sams is a 13 piece set that included a third saucepaun and a griddle – I am hoping this is the real deal Paula Deen item –
    also reading more on the “recommendation” sheet in the box – that the pots could scratch
    my glass top, and cannot place a hot pan on a cold stove top – I am assuming cannot “slide”
    a hot pot over to another burner not on –
    I think I am getting disappointed in what I bought but love the look of the set!

    • I have had 2 glasstops. I placed a hot pan on my cold stove top and the entire glass top cracked from left to right!! So….beware!!!

  10. Did not know about being careful to never put a hot pot on a cold burner. Did it all the time, guess I was lucky.
    Main reason to use non warping pans is (I read this)your burner will continue to heat where the pan is not touching. This will eventually ruin the burner.
    I keep extra tile squares next to my cooktop and cover the cooling burners. They take so long to cool down. You could sit hot pots on a tile next to stove.
    Maybe best to return the set and do more research.

  11. lynn antheil says:

    thanks Deb -so you have a glass top and never had a problem putting a hot pan on a cool burner right? Are the Paula Deen pans pans that warp? and what happens to the burner?
    Have they ever scratched your glasstop?
    thanks for info –

  12. My glass cooktop was not hurt with hot pots moved to cold areas. Never did find out if the Paula Dean cookware warps. You will have to heat it up good (maybe boil water) then cool it and sit on a flat surface. If it rocks just a little it is too warped for the glass top range. My very old Salad Master cookware does not warp but it is not non-stick. I wanted non stick.
    The LP guy will connect my new gas range on Tuesday. The GE glass top is going to Salvation Army.

  13. lynn antheil says:

    well ladies – I packed it up and taking back – will look for set suitable for glass top-
    I could not find a website to contact the Deen
    company – I would like to share with them
    what I encountered – if you have site please forward
    thank you and happy holidays

  14. I received a response from the company. Here is what they had to say:

    Dear Paula,

    Thanks for your inquiry. Our Paula Deen Porcelain Enamel cookware is suitable for use on ceramic stove tops.

    Most Sincerely,

    Gary G.
    Consumer Relations

    • I recently bought the red set – I was so excited because I have been debating for almost 3 years on which cookware to buy. I got it home, unpacked it all and THEN read the insert which says it is not safe for glass or ceramic top stoves!! They need to put that statement on the box. The only thing I could find on the box was a symbol that may or may not have been a cracked stovetop! I am very disappointed and immediately packed it back up in the box and will be returning it to WalMart. Paula Deen, if you are such a big wheel deal chef – warn the common folks about these things. I will never buy another thing of hers!

      • Absolutely agree with you Jodie. We often find that when we are reviewing products, not all the information is available up front, and this can be quite frustrating. As a number of people have moved towards ceramic stovetops, it would be so easy for manufacturers to add whether or not a cookware set is suitable for that type of stovetop.

      • jodie i agree with you. i am very dissappointed also with the cook ware.

  15. We contacted the company through the Paula Deen website here – but we got the response back from the Meyer company and you can contact them here –

  16. Flygirl33 says:

    Dear Paula – is the set at Sam’s Club the same as these pictured above and if so, can I stick the pots/pans in the oven safely at 350 degrees? I would appreciate a prompt response as I want to buy a set for my daughter for Christmas. Thanks. Flygirl33 in 1000 Oaks, CA

  17. It’s a bit hard to answer that without knowing which set you are referring to in Sam’s Club. Do you have a link to the actual set on their website so we can take a look?

  18. I just purchased the charcoal set as a christmas present for my daughter. I found a website that rated the construction quality of this cookware as very good.

    The set at Sams looks to be the same as the ones above, it just has the extra piece (griddle). The price Sams is charging is about $20 more than most people charge for the 12pc so that would also lead me to believe it is the same just packaged with an extra piece.

  19. Flygirl33 says:

    Thanks for the quick response Mike and Paula. I will buy the charcoal set probably without the grill. Flygirl33

  20. Not sure if posting a website is allowed here, but I found a website where you can purchase this set for $84 with free standard shipping. If it is ok, I will post the website.

  21. That will be fine Mike. Post the link if you like.

  22. Thanks Paula. It is

  23. my husband bought me your copper bottom pans I want to know if they are okay for a glass top stove.

  24. Hi Janet

    We don’t actually sell anything on our site. We just write about it and refer you on to companies who do sell it so your husband would have bought it from one of those companies.

    To ensure you get the correct answer to your question I would contact the Paula Deen website directly. You can do that at the following link:

    I personally would also contact the manufacturer of your stove top as well to see if copper based pots and pans would work okay.

  25. Ugh my husband bought me these Paula Dean pans because they would be easy for me to handle with my hands. I am soooo scared I will ruin my cooktop. I always move my pans to a cool burner. I do not want to ruin it… I guess I have to decide if I should take them back. Anyone out there who has actually used them???

  26. Hi Kari

    Why don’t you contact the people at the Paula Deen website. They are pretty quick to give a response and at least it might save you the time of having to return them. You can contact them here –

  27. I also purchased the 14 piece Paul Deen Signature Collection cookware set, in red. Mine says right on the box that it is safe for ceramic top cook tops, along with several others. I love them and will be keeping. As far as moving the pans around, that’s true for all cookware, not just Paula’s.

  28. Has anyone bought the Paula Deen Percolator? I keep looking at them, but would like an outside opinion from someone who has already used one.

    • Don’t waste your money on these pans, I bought a 12 piece set a few months ago, food sticks to them and they don’t cook even, I even hand washed them!!! TFAL I”M COMING BACK

  29. dON’T BUY THESE! Can you believe they are not dishwasher safe?? Ridiculous!! You don’t know until you buy them and take them all out of the package there is warranty information saying that if you put them in the dishwasher the warranty is void.

  30. However they do cook well and have nice handles…but you still can’t wash them in the dishwasher and you have to soak them in baking soda for 20 mins prior to even using them.

  31. At no place; not the packaging, website nor shelf does it say that Paula Deen’s Signature skillet’s non-stick coating is Teflon. I would like to know.

  32. I am thinking of buying the Red Por. Cookware set. Has anyone owned this set for a while and found that the outside did or did not chip? I can not find any information on if this occurs with this type of cookware. I have never owned Porcelain cookware before. Thank you for any information on this.

  33. Bradley B. says:


    What is the non-stick material that you use in the speckled charcoal ceramic set sold at JCPenny?

  34. Hi Bradley – I am not actually Paula Deen. It’s only coincidence that we have the same name. To answer your question you either need to contact the Paula Deen website or contact JC Penny.

  35. After reading everything here I think some things need clearing up. All nonstick pan/pots need to be hand cleaned. Putting non-stick in the dishwasher causes the non-stick to break down and it starts to fall off. Here is a list of some other pots/pans that are NOT for the dishwasher because it will cause discoloraton: Hard-Anodized Aluminum, Porcelain Enamel-exterior, copper bottom, Plain Aluminum. You should never slide any pots on glass/ceramic surfaces cause it will scratch it. Now I did buy the 13 piece set at Sams for $75 last one left. I couldn’t pass up that deal. Another person said you have to soak these pots in baking soda. They were talking about Copper bottom pots only. On my box it said that these pots are suitable for solid plate, ceramic, radiant ring, halogen and gas stoves. The thing I did learn here was not to put a hot pan/pot on a cold glass burner. I have been doing it for years and never had a problem but after finding out they can become fused to the burner I will stop doing that. The non-stick surface they use in these pots/pans is called Polytetrafluoroethylene which is another fancy name for “teflon”. I have not use the set I just bought so only time will tell how well they hold up. The only other concern is that they say on their instructions that decorative pan bottoms may not conduct heat evenly on glass/ceramic stovetops. I find this strange since the bottoms are decorative and they indicated that they can be used on Ceramic stoves.

  36. I just wanted to thank you all for actually having a great discussion regarding cookware for glass top stoves. I have been looking all day to find info on this because I just got my Rachael Ray hard-anodized cookware in the mail and after opening the box, read on the instructions that I can not use it on my glass top. I knew I was going to have to return it so I started looking at other cookware and came across Paula Deen’s collection. I could not find postings on any website that actually answered the question, “Can hard anodized cookware be used on a ceramic/glass stove top?” Ater finding this website and reading the postings, I have decided to get some of Paula Deen’s cookware. Thanks again!

  37. I just want to let everyone know I have tested out the pots. They heat evenly and fast with NO warping. Clean up is a breeze. I absolutely love these pots for now. Time will tell how long they will hold up. I know these pots/pans are not very heavy but it makes handling them easier. I have owned heavier pots/pans and when filled with food it was like lifting weights. Not good for people with arthritis in their hands. Again they cannot be put into the dishwasher. I read somewhere that a woman put her Paula Deen’s red non-stick pots into the dishwasher and the inside of the dishwasher turned pink. She claims that it didn’t say in the instructions not to put them into the dishwasher. Well I don’t know what instructions she had but the instructions I have said NOT to put them into the dishwasher. Now just to remind everyone that the set I bought was the 13 piece set in black from Sam’s Club.

  38. Just wanted to say thanks again for all the information on these pans. I will be using my soon – getting my new utensils so I don’t scratch them all up.

  39. I have the red porcelain pots and have been using them on my glass top without any problems. They do not warp. They actually work extremely well on the glass top. The only thing I am dissapointed about is that I was not aware there was a 12pc. set and I purchased a 10pc. set. I am desperately trying to find a 2.75 qt. COVERED saucepan (which the 12pc. set includes). I can only find a 5 qt saute pan, which is too big. Does anyone know if I can purchase the items separately? Or do they carry a smaller COVERED saute pan?

  40. Interesting how this discussion is still going on. The Paula Dean porcelain enamel set I purchased had instructions that said not to use on smooth cook tops. (My set is the speckled enamelware). As someone else stated, there was no warning printed on the outside of box. I recently read that porcelain enamel is not good for use on smooth cook tops, if the pot/pan has a tendency to warp the enamel will craze or crack.
    I enjoy my set so much that it is not bothersome to hand wash. Warm soapy water quickly removes any food deposits.

  41. I also have a ceramic cooktop and the pans seem to be holding up OK, but the griddle is warping UP, so that you can only cook on the edges, which are actually outside the perimeter of the burner.

    Just my luck, I purchased it at Linens ‘n’ Things just before they closed their doors.

  42. I just purchased the red speckled set, along with the 5-quart saucepan and roasting pan, at Walmart. Read the instructions and was surprised at the warning about the cookware “fusing” to ceramic stovestops. Then I noticed the “Suitable For” wording on the outside of the box. It shows five different types of stovetops, but if you look closely, there’s a line through the ceramic and one other one – the ring, I think. It looks almost like a lightening bolt. I would take this to mean it’s not suitable, although a nice solid “X” would have been a lot more clear. After reading all these posts, I’m still deciding whether or not I want to take everything back. I can’t remember ever allowing a pot to burn dry, but it would be just my luck….

  43. I’ve read the numerous comments/concerns on Paula Deen cookware. There was no warning on the set I purchased (12 pc. Red)about dishwasher safety. Of course, I washed a pan by dishwasher. Now, the outer coating on the pan has lost its luster and is dull. Does anyone know how to restore the sheen?

    • I also would like to know how to restore the luster of my red cookware, as i also put it into the dishwasher.

  44. These are teflon. No thank you. That is enough for me.

  45. I bought the 5qt saucepan from walmart- and I LOVE it!! It’s practically the main pan in my kitchen!!

    I have a glass stove top- and I guess I am just willing to risk it, but it says on the box that it is safe and also says in the instructions.

    I did learn not to let a pan cool on cold burner. That’s fine with me though!! I will just use a hot pad : )

    I am glad I read this- although I too am looking at buying a mis sized sauce pan as an individual piece… anyone have any luck?

    • Annie I have seen them individually sold at JC Penney’s but that was several months ago. Good luck!

  46. Barbara Phaneuf says:

    Please let me know how I can get a RED 3 quart pan as I purcheased the 12 piece set and need the 3 quart pot that is in the 10 piece set?? Please let me know how I can get the other pot??? I have written before but got no reply


  47. Hi – I got the same set from Sam’s in Red. The lustre wore off when washing in the sink as well – it was like a cheap nail polish that rubbed right off – the finish easily scraped off with my fingernail when washing in the sink. It was disappointing after waiting 10 years for new pots and pans. I love Paula, her show and was so excited to get these new pots and pans due to the look, weight, covers but it seems to me that they are not “cured” properly. Someone mentioned what could be done to revive the shine. I heard of Barkeepers Friend – but not sure if that would cause a chemical reaction on my pots or glass cooktop. Still using the cookware but disappointed – please share any shine ideas. Thanks, Rose in MN

  48. Evelyn Gogley says:

    The question about porcelain cookware on ceramic/glasstop may depend as much on your stove manufacturer as it does on the cookware. I have a Kenmore and the manual clearly states that Porcelain cookware is OK to use AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT SLIDE THE PANS ACROSS THE STOVETOP. The reason is that porcelain will scratch ceramic surfaces. The Paula Deen pans are procelain over aluminum, and on my cooktop, aluminum is the highest rated material for heating on the coils. I have not purchased the set yet, but got a gift card for Christmas and am seriously considering it.

    • I jsut got a set of Paula Deen cook ware for christmas. So far I love using them. They cook really good and cleaning them is really easy. I do clean them in the sink rather the dishwasher. I also cook on a glass top stove. I do slide my pots and pans around. I have had my stove for ten plus years. It’s a GE. the only scrathes on my stove are from the pans I put on there from the holidays that hold the turkey and ham. I think between the pots and pans and the stove issues, is all in how you use them and how you clean them. With the pots and pans becareful with the untinsels you use in them if they are the non stick kind. I love mine so far and would buy them again.

  49. Hey all… Just an FYI… I felt it neccasary to write a note to Meyers about the Porceline finish on the cookware. Due to my disatisfaction of the cookware… This is not over?! I would strongly suggest you do the same.
    FYI… A porcelain finish is applied in a superheated kilning room. Each part to be coated is given a negative charge via an attached electrical lead. Then, positive-charged dry powder is introduced. The two charges attract, and the dry powder sticks to the parts and melts. The result is a tightly bonded, durable, glossy, colored finish… we call porcelain enamel. The exterior on the pans I received is not Porceline. Last year I had purchased one of the Paula Deen mixing bowls with the same Red Porcelain exterior finish. I have consistently washed this bowl in my dishwasher with absolutely “No” issues or problems with the lustre or loosing it’s perfect sheen or pigments. The exterior surface of this bowl is an “Actual Porcelain material / baked on finish” to note…There was also a sticker applied to the bottom of this bowl when purchased… recommending it be hand washed… due to the possibility of the exterior getting chipped. I love the bowl. I am very disappointed in the pans due to the poor quality of the materials used on the exterior. It seems to me that the pans were either not processed / baked or “Cured” properly… or this product is not a “True Porcelain” finish. In which case?! you fill in the rest 🙂

  50. Wow, comments still being made on this subject. I still have my Paula Dean red speckled cookware set and LOVE it. It has not faded with almost two years of use. It is hand washed but still cleans up with soapy dish cloth and hot water. I can see where a dish washer would ruin the finish, think about how harsh the soap is.
    Amazing that the company rep would say the cookware is safe on glass cooktops. Then info inside the box states it is not safe.
    BTW If you have a glass cooktop and worry about hot pans on cold burners just keep a couple of ceramic 12 inch tiles next to your stove. Sit one on cold burner then you can put a hot pan there.

  51. after all they are made in Thailand…what do you expect..

  52. I boutht paula deen’s 12 quart porcelain stock pot on 11/11/10. I used it to make a pot of sauce. When I went to clean it, the bottom of the inside had a big chip. I wonder if that chip was in my sauce and we ate it. Very disappointed in this product. Returned it right away. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

    Very disappointed Paula

  53. So Many negative comments I had to come back and leave a positive one.
    Bought my cookware about a year ago and would buy again. The pans I use the most are still in great condition, non stick has not worn much. I wash the pans in hot soapy water, only takes a few minutes. The pretty red finish still looks new. I cook on a gas stove, would not use this set on a ceramic top. JMHO

  54. Hey, I am an associate at a cookware store that sells Paula Deen’s 12-pc Nonstick porcelain cookware set. At my store we ask customers about what kind of stove top that they have. We have heard of the problems with the porcelain cookware causing trouble with the stove top. It has been documented that the porcelain has stuck to stove tops and cause more severe damage. For glass stove tops we recommend heavy but not too heavy smooth surfaced bottoms. This helps to ensure satisfaction. I would suggest normally not suggest porcelain to a customer with glass stove tops. There are many other good quality sets out there. They may not have the look you want but in my opinion looks are not as important as the quality of their performance. If nonstick is what you want we also sell Pyrex Cookware that works well and Revere nonstick.

    I would be willing to help as much as I can with any other questions that you may have.

  55. What’s the difference between PD 14-piece set and 12-piece set, other than having two extra pieces. IS the quality of the 12-pieces in both sets is the same??

  56. We recently purchased the red speckled cookware set and stupidly threw away the care instructions.I have been to many sites & e-mailed a few companies following Paulas manufacturing trail only to not get any answers. can anyone tell me the care instructions for it? We have a ceramic glass top stove also.We have been so afraid to use it, it sure looks nice on our racks tho!! lol Thank you

    • Hand wash only. If I was you I would also go over to Amazon and look up that set and see what others are saying about it. It seems like the red set has had some issues but hopefully they have improved on it since those reviews. I have the black set for almost 2 yeas now and I have had no issues with them. My stove is also ceramic glass. Enjoy!

  57. My husband got me the red set of Paula Deen cookware for christmas. I love them. I also have a glass top stove. I have had no problem using them. I have choosen not to put them in the dishwasher just because I dont want to mess them up. I have no problem cooking with them. Found out pancakes cook REALLY easy in them(ha ha). That’s when I found out just how non stick the frying pan was. I have used them mulitple times since I have gotten them. So far I have no problems with mine. I would reccomend them.

  58. I brought the big soup pot and it sticks the other cookware doesnt stick only this pot

  59. Back again to give another review. Started using the new red speckled set January 2009, now in May 2011 the cookware is still looking pretty new (hand washing). The one pan I use the most is kinda marked up inside from metal utensils- my bad. Also I realized the handles have a thin coating of color over black. I scrubbed a black spot and it got bigger! Ugh, it was the black showing underneath and I made it bigger. Oh well, I’m happy the cookware has lasted this long. But also take into account I have other pots and pans, Calphalon and other brands I use too.
    Would purchase again for my gas stovetop.

  60. I have used my Paula Deen red speckled set on my glass cooktop for about two years. I get a discoloration on the bottom of the pots/pans and no other problems until I recently bought the griddle. After about one month of use, it WARPED, bowed convex in the middle 🙁 I will be sending it into warranty claims, which Meyer reports is a 30+ Day process. I will report my experience here.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience William. We look forward to hearing how it goes. Paula Deen cookware seems to be pretty much a hit and miss affair. Some people love it and never have any problems and others have no end of problem with it. It looks so good, but good looks aren’t much use if the pan is warped and unusable.

    • Ok, I sent out the pan per instructions from meyer, cost me $12 to ship cheap as possible. Sure enough, a new pan comes in the mail about 30 days later. I have been using the new pan for about a month and it has warped slightly but not bad as before. Difference being now, I let the pan cool on the stove before washing. I think quenching the pan while hot, especially the flat griddle, caused more warping. Just think these must be made of an inferior metal for a griddle type use, it should be heavier/thicker, maybe that would help with the warping. I just don’t know.