The Best Thermal Carafe

the-best-thermal-carafeDid you know that thermal technology was pioneered 93 years ago by Carl Zitzmann?  Well the one liter, Best Thermal Carafe is based on his original design and is produced in Wertheim, Germany.

Regardless of whether you want hot water or cold water on hand you will find that the best thermal carafe is ideal. It keeps the water hot or cold for up to 4 hours.

So you can make up your coffee in the carafe and know that you will have a satisfying hot drink on hand ready to pour into your cup or you can have a nice chilled drink of fruit juice or water ready  to quench your thirst on a hot day.

The Best Thermal Carafe has a double walled  glass liner and vacuum insulation which gives it optimal hot and cold retention. It is ergonomically designed for easy pouring as you can hold the handle, while opening the hinged lid with the same hand. It has a 2″ diameter opening so you can fill the carafe easily.

Apart from being functional and durable, the best thermal carafe also looks good and the chrome plated brass exterior simply wipes clean.

Where Can I Buy the Best Thermal Carafe?


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The Best Thermal Carafe

Did you know that thermal technology was pioneered 93 years ago by Carl Zitzmann?  Well the one … [Read More...]