Review: Cuisinart Power Prep Plus Food Processor Review

cuisinare-power-prep-plus-food-processorThe Cuisinart Power Prep Plus Food Processor (DLC-2014N) is one of those products that is not only rated well by those in the business but also rated well by consumers themselves.

The Cooks Illustrated Catalogue recommends it and consumer reviews for this product are outstanding.

This Cuisinart 14-c. Premier Series Power Prep Plus Food Processor is a power horse of a machine that will process through anything. I love the fact that you can put whole pieces of fruits and vegetables into this. This definitely saves on the time you would normally have in cutting and preparing foods to fit through a smaller feeder tube.

The other new feature of this model is that it comes with a stainless steel dough blade. In the past, Cuisinart have used a plastic dough blade. The new metal blade provides for smoother kneading of dough.


  • 14 cup capacity
  • 2 speeds
  • touchpad controls
  • new sleek design

What’s Included

  • custom spatula
  • recipe book
  • how to video
  • a chopping blade
  • a dough blade
  • a shredding disc
  • a slicing disc
  • instruction book
  • detachable disc stem
  • small and large pushers
  • 14 cup work bowl

What We Like

  • The wide open feed tube allows for whole fruits and vegetables.
  • The sleek new design of the Cuisinart Power Prep Plus means it will take up less room on your counter top.
  • It includes both large and small pushers.
  • The motor has a 10 year warranty and the unit itself a 3 year.
  • It comes with a separate blade and touch control for the preparation of dough.
  • All the detachable parts are dishwasher safe.

Other things to consider

  • The processor comes with an instructional video. It would be better if it were a DVD but I notice that the Cuisinart site itself indicates that a DVD is included. Both and Amazon state that a video is included. In other words, you may get one or the other so be prepared.

Want to Read More Reviews?

You can read more reviews for the Cuisinart Power Prep Plus Food Processor at and Amazon.


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