Enviro Friendly Recycled Glass Tumblers – Rosanna Set of 6 Mondo Etched Glassware

enviro-friendly-recycled-glass-tumblersMaybe you are looking for glassware that is a little different or maybe you are looking for an earth friendly gift for a housewarming or xmas present.

These beautiful Rosanna Mondo etched recycled  tumblers are made completely from 100% recycled glass in a small village in Mexico. Each tumbler is hand made – well they are actually mouth blown – and hand decorated by Mexican artisans using age old European traditions.

The revival of this age old technique produces glassware in a manner that is earth friendly, is beautiful and  creates much needed jobs in the Mexican Community

The great thing about these glass tumblers is that if you break a piece you can just recycle it. What could be better in today’s environmentally conscious world than creating an item that can be recycled, is sustainable, and makes the world a better place by creating jobs.

Not only are you doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint but a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the Mondo glass collections is donated to Doctors Without Borders. This is an organization that provides emergency care to areas hard hit by epidemics.

Hand washing recommended for these lovely tumblers and they are not suitable to use in the microwave.

Where Can I Buy the Enviromentally Friendly Rosanne Mondo Recycled Glass Tumblers?



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