Amco Spice Spoons – 6-pc Measuring Set

amco-spice-spoons-measuring-setI find it really frustration when I need to measure out herbs and spices and can’t find a measuring spoon that is slim enough to fit into the jar. Usually I take a guess at the amount and hope for the best.

Well you and I know longer have to guess because Amco have developed a set of slimline measuring spice spoons that will fit into the smallest of spice jars.

This set of beautiful measuring spoons is made from quality 18/10 heavy gauge stainless steel. So not only do they look good, you know they are going to last you a long time.

Apart from the fact the these extra slim spice spoons will fit easily into even the smallest of spice jars., the spoons have a  pointed end which you will find invaluable for digging out those spices that have hardened in the bottom of the jar.

This set of 6 spice spoons includes:

  • 1   Tsp.
  • 3/4  Tsp.
  • 1/2  Tsp.
  • 1/4  Tsp.
  • 1/8  Tsp.

Where Can I Buy the Amco Spice Spoons Measuring Set?


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