Review: Lodge Cast Iron Melting Pot

lodge-melting-potLodge are renowned for their cast iron products. They have been manufacturing cast iron cookware since 1896 so they know a thing or two about it.

This Lodge cast iron melting pot is a nice little addition to anyones kitchen cookware collection and since it comes pre-seasoned it is ready for immediate use.

The most obvious use for this little pot is to melt butter. Cast iron retains heat well so even after melting you can leave it in the pot and it will stay melted for quite a while compared to other types of cookware. This is also a nice little pot for making sauces.

What We Like:

  • It’s made from cast iron so is strong and durable and will last for generations.
  • It includes spouts on both sides of the pot for easy pouring. This also makes it suitable for left or right handers.
  • This pot can be used on the stove top, in the oven and is small enough to take camping and use directly on a camp fire.
  • The handle is designed so that this pot can be hung on a pot rack.
  • This pot has a lifetime warranty.

Other Things to Consider

  • Although this melting pot comes pre-seasoned this doesn’t mean that you will never have to season it again. You will have to maintain this pot like any other piece of bare cast iron cookware. This means seasoning as required to prevent rust and sticking of foods.
  • This pot should be hand washed so you won’t be able to put this one in your dishwasher.

Where Can I Buy the Lodge Manufacturing Co. 14-oz. Enameled Logic Cast Iron Melting Pot?


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