Screwpull Lever Model Wine Opener & Screwpull 3-pc. Wine Funnel and Stand

screwpull-lever-model-wine-opener-wine-funnel-and-standFor the person who has everything and if they happen to be a vino lover, you will be their best friend if you give them a  Screwpull Lever Model Wine Opener.

Because of its comfortable ergonomic design, this screwpull lever model wine opener opens every bottle effortlessly.

Not only does the screwpull lever wine opener have a stylishly elegant and modern design it gives you unparalleled performance. The opener has a Teflon coated screw  that glides smoothly through even the toughest of corks and it can open around 2000 bottles before it needs to be changed – that’s a lot of wine.

Simply handwash in soapy warm water and polish with a soft cloth to keep the wine bottle opener looking good.

The metal alloy Screwpull lever model wine opener  has a ten year warranty.
Screwpull 3-pc. Wine Funnel and Stand

Another item that you may like to have to make sure that the wine you are drinking is free from sediment is this fine mesh funnel. Older wines often contain sediment and impurities that could taint the taste of your wine, so it is recommended that you may like to filter older wines before drinking them.

This Screwpull 3-pc. Wine Funnel has fine mesh filters that run both horizontally and vertically ensuring that the mesh removes every bit of sediment. The funnel also has a curved spout that allows the wine to be aerated as it runs through the funnel.

The funnel is made from high grade stainless steel and it will work with most decanters.

Pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. A stand is included for storing the funnel.

Where Can I Buy the Screwpull Lever Model Wine Opener?


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