Mario Batali Silicone Italian Kitchen Work Mat – Roll Out the Dough

mario-batali-silicone-italian-ktichen-work-matThe Mario Batali  Silicone Italian Kitchen work mat gives you an ideal surface on which to roll out pizza dough, pasta dough, pasty for pies and pasties, scone dough. In fact any of those recipes that require you to roll out the ingredients.

There are even two of Mario Batali’s recipies printed on the mat, one for pizza dough and one for pasta dough.

At 16 inches by 24 inches it is a very generous size which will fill most of your needs when needing to roll out the dough.

The Mario Batali silicone Italian kitchen work mat is made from non-stick silicone and can be placed in the dishwasher for easy clean up or it can be washed up by hand.

The mat can be stored by simply rolling it up and an easy way to store it is wrapped around your rolling pin.

Apart from the circle sizes for you to roll out your pizza dough, there are convenient measurement conversion tables included for you on the mat.

And once you have your dough at the right consistency why not place it on the Mario Batali Pizza Pan and cut it with the Mario Batali pizza cutter when it is cooked. Makes perfect sense.

Where Can I Buy The Mario Batali Silicone Italian Kitchen Work Mat?


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