Fit & Fresh Smart Portion Prep Center – Food Preparation Control Made Easy

fit-n-fresh-smart-portion-preparation-centerOften the hardest part of dieting or just maintaining your healthy lifestyle is portion control. It is just so easy to make your portions larger than they should be.

Well the Fit n Fresh Smart Portion Prep Center helps you to control the portions sizes for your meals and you will find that the fresh smart food scale is compact and easy to use.

The cutting board has a slide out scale holder that weighs food in lots of up to 17.35 ounces or 1.1 pounds and it also has a removable side measuring cup that lets you measure your food into portions from 1/2 cup to 2 cups.

And when you have finished cutting up your food portions, the scale holder simply slides into the cutting board and the measuring cup clips onto the side of the cutting board so the whole thing pops away for easy access and space saving storage.

The cutting board has a textured surface and eight non-skid feet so that the board stays in place while you are cutting up the food. The legs also fold away into the board for easy, space saving storage, so this is both a functional and a nice compact kitchen accessory.

Features of the Fit N Fresh Smart Portion Prep Center :

  • The cutting board is textured and non skid
  • The food Scale weighs up to 17.65 ounces or 1.1 pounds of food
  • The side Measuring Cup measures quantities from 1/2 cup to 2 cups
  • The scale holder slides into cutting board for easy storage
  • The legs fold neatly into board for easy storage
  • All Fit & Fresh™ products are easy to clean
  • The cutting board is top rack dishwasher safe
  • Do not microwave the ice packs
  • All Fit & Fresh™ products use food grade plastic that meets FDA regulations

Using the Fit n Fresh Smart Portion Prep Center takes all the guesswork out of making sure that you are eating the correct sized portions for your meals. So you will find that dieting or maintaining your healthy lifestyle is made easier to manage.

Where Can I Buy the Fit N Fresh Smart Portion Prep Center?


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