Gun Egg Fryer – Stainless Steel Egg Mold

Here is a novel way to start the day for the little cowboy in your home.

Cook them up a six shooter, gun shaped egg with this Gun Egg Fryer

The mold is made from stainless steel  and it has a convenient handle so you don’t burn your trigger finger.

But you don’t only have to use the gun egg fryer for cooking eggs, you and the kids can have lots of fun when you use it to make gun shaped pancakes, cookies or pizza.

And of course it’s ideal for a western cowboy style party as you can use it as a sandwich cutter to make novelty items to serve to the kids.

The gun egg fryer measures approximately 8 inches in length.

And why not check out some of our other molds  such as the heart and daisy pancake mold for the young ladies in the household.

Where Can I Buy the Gun Shaped Egg Fryer?


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