Wilton Wonder Mold Doll Pan Kit – Dolly Vardan Cake Pan

21hs9mp0frl__sl500_aa225_.jpgMy mother was a fantastic cook and I remember as a child, when she would make birthday cakes in the shape of a doll.  It was always a fiddly, time consuming process, but the results were always amazing.

In those days the doll cakes were called Dolly Vardan cakes. Now they seem to be referred to as Barbie doll cakes or just princess doll cakes.

Well you can create elegant 3D shape doll cakes with a minimum of fuss and bother with the Wilton 8×7-in. Wonder Mold Doll Pan, and you and the kids can have Wilton 8x7-in. Wonder Mold Doll Panan absolute ball creating and  decorating fabulous dress designs once the cake has cooked and cooled. Jut look at how beautiful and elegant the finished doll looks in the picture.

The  pan is 8 inches in diameter and 5 inches deep so that gives you a nice sized skirt area to work your design on.

Included in the set is a heat conducting rod which  ensures you get even baking.

The Wilton Wonder Doll Mold kit includes:

  • the pan, for the dress,
  • the heating rod
  • a  stand to keep the doll upright
  • a 7-in. brunette doll pick
  • and most importantly full instructions

Where Can I Buy the Wilton Wonder Doll Mold Cake Pan?

The dolls picks are also available from Amazon in Blond and mini sizes, so you can choose a style to suit your child.


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