Staub Enameled Honeycomb Two Handle Frying Pan With Removable Silicone Pan Holders

staub-enameled-honeycomb-two-handle-fry-panLooking for high performance cookware! Then that is just what you will get with the Staub 12.5-in. Enameled Two Handle Frying Pan.

Instead of the typical single long handle, this pan has 2 smaller handles on each side which means you can lift the pan easily and it also stores neatly in the kitchen cupboard. There are also 2 pouring lips on each side which is handy for pouring of excess fat and for pouring out gravy.

Included are  2 removable silicone handle covers  for the handles which means you don’t have to use  oven mitts when carrying the pan from the stove to the table when you are ready to  serve.

This sturdy 12.5 inch cast iron pan from Staub will meet most of your cooking requirements such as searing steaks and other meats.

The interior has a new honeycomb surface which gives you excellent food release and helps reduce food sticking to the bottom of the pan.

As Staub products are enameled on both the interior and the exterior, including the black matte finish which will not discolor, rust or chip,  there is no need for you to season the pan and it will not react with acidic food.

Enameled cast iron is durable and  gives you excellent heat retention and  durability.  And the beauty of eEnameled cast iron is that it doesn’t require seasoning, in fact the more you use it, the better it gets as the oils used when cooking penetrate right  into the pores of the matte enamel to create a smooth non-stick surface.

This is just another great product from Staub that will give you years of use.

Where Can I Buy the Staub Enameled Honeycomb Two Handle Frying Pan With Removable Silicone Pan Holders?


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