Rachael Ray Orange 10 Piece Stainless Steel Set Review

Rachael Ray 10 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware SetThis set contains a 1½ quart saucepan with lid, a 3 quart saucepan with lid, an 8 quart stockpot with lid, an 8 inch skillet, a 10 inch skillet and a 10 inch (3 quart) sauté pan with lid.

This is a very ‘Rachael’ set with her trademark favorite  color orange.  If you like orange you will love this set – and it is also quite a good safety feature as it makes you more aware of where the handles are positioned on the stove top and so you automatically turn them in for safety.

The stay-cool handles are also attached to the pans with double rivets making them extra strong.  They are easy-grip silicon and angled high so it doesn’t hurt your wrist to lift a full pan.

Stainless steel is not known for its’ ability to heat up quickly and evenly.  However the Rachael Ray 10-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set has a thick, flat aluminum base which makes up for this deficiency and it is great when you’re cooking as you don’t get hot spots that cause the food to stick and burn.

It also has a nice satin finish rather than a shiny one  which is aesthetically pleasing – it looks really good. The slight rounding of the interiors from the base to the side makes them work like professional chef’s pans and gives great results.

The edges of the pans are slightly flared which makes it possible to pour from them without annoying drips. Dishwashing is not recommended but to be honest, because the bases are so thick, you don’t need a high heat so not much sticks to these – so hand washing isn’t a chore.

If anything does stick, just give the pan a good soak in hot, soapy water and use a non-scratch dish scrubber.  Bar Keepers Friend will get rid of even the most stubborn stuck or burnt on food.

The glass lids are great for seeing what’s happening to the food but the drawback with these is that there is no vent in the lid.  This means that as steam builds up, it clouds the glass so that you can’t see the contents and you do end up having to lift the lid off anyway.

A helpful bonus with this set is that the lids for the sauté pan and the Dutch oven also fit the 10 inch skillet so you don’t waste time hunting for lids. The set is compatible with all stove tops, even induction and is safe in an oven up to 400 degrees. All in all, a great ‘starter’ set for a reasonable price, which you can add to as there are many other matching items available.

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  1. very nice set..

  2. This looks like a great product. I love the bright orange color code. It will really brighten up your day when you cook. After all, when I happy, I can really cook a better meal!

  3. I’ve been wondering how her pans hold up since my original set from my wedding has seen better days! Thanks for the review.

  4. Nice review. I like that it’s easy to lift and I love the color orange. It’s my friend’s favorite though so it makes me think of her. LOL

  5. Wow i find the set is complete enough and good looking. I will recommended it to my sister. Well, my sister is love orange colored thing, so probably she will buy this set.

  6. This set looks so nice, but not TOO nice that I’d be afraid too use it (and ruin it!) And having a kitchen with a set of MATCHING pots and pans?! I’d feel like a princess! lol Clearly, my cookware is not up to date!

  7. I’ve been wondering about these — thanks for the great review!

  8. Annette D says:

    I love it! I especially like the fact that the lids are interchangeable! I am always searching for the right lid to fit my mismatched pots and pans. This set would be great!

  9. I’ve been looking around at different sets recently, so I’m glad to see a review for this one–thanks!

  10. I saw these in Sams Club today and was wondering about the quality. Thanks for the great review.

  11. Jess - News Around the Blogs says:

    I would love to get this set, perfect for my kitchen! Thanks for the review

  12. My stepdaughter and her hubby have this set and she loves it. I like that it’s stainless steel because we try very hard not to use teflon coated items due to having a parrot in the house. If you burn anything in teflon the ‘fume’ it sets off can potentially kill a bird so we have to be very careful. Great review!

    Oh and I love being able to see through lids too!

  13. Nice set … & orange is my favorite color. 🙂

  14. I’ve always wondered how this set would hold up. I’m not a fan of the orange, but I could live with it! Heck, after seeing my pans in the cupboard (well used and worn out!) I’d be happy with a set of these!

    Thanks for the review!

  15. We actually own the Rachael Ray 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set with orange handles…and it is awesome. The pans are easy to clean, the see-through lids are super helpful, and the orange handles make the set stand out. Overall, it’s an attractive and highly functional set and I highly recommend it to all.

  16. Eliane T. says:

    What a great set. I really like the satin finish. It looks nice!

  17. Nice set. I have a couple of steel pans & I love them, but only for slow cooking foods. Not a big fan of the orange handles, though. Oh, well. Can’t have everything.

  18. LOve Rachael Ray- looks like a nice set of cookware- I am looking for a good set for my daughter. She is getting married in October

  19. donna joyce says:

    I have become strangely attracted to the orange color that Rachel is addicted to. I think the main reason is that the color is attached to some very special cookware. In fact, I just ordered her bakeware set….. Strange, very strange!

  20. I love this cookware set. Thanks for the review. It might be on my Christmas list this year!

  21. I bought this set from walmart for my wife and I have to say it is absolute garbage, on low heat it burns everything from eggs to grilled cheese to pasta to perogies, DO NOT BUY! worst cookware purchase I have ever made. DO NOT TRUST THE OTHER REVIEWS, AS A PROFESSIONAL CHEF I HIGHLY DISCOURAGE ANYONE FROM PURCHASING THIS SET

  22. Good review, Rachel Ray’s sets are of high quality. I would add that being steel, Rachel Ray’s sets are extremely durable by nature and longer-lasting. The metal is both really solid and non porous. Since it does not react to food and it’s resistant to heat – it’s among the safest of cookware with which to cook. I highly recommend stainless steel over titanium, aluminium and other alternatives.

  23. I have the orange nonstick porcline. I love it. It’s easy clean up and even heating is awsome. I would recommend it to everyone. They don’t recommend it for ceramic stove tops but, I have one and the two together are great.

  24. I have the orange nonstick porcelain set. I love it. It’s easy clean up and even heating is awsome. I would recommend it to everyone. They don’t recommend it for ceramic stove tops but, I have one and the two together are great. I love all the Rachael Ray stuff getting it all little by little. I almost didn’t try it because there are some bad reviews out there as with anything, Don’t let any of the reviews make your decision to get a set or not. Just try it you will love them as I do.

  25. Very nice set to have. Now this is my language. Stainless the way to cook. Beautiful handles. I like it. Thanks for the information.