Paula Deen 12 Piece Porcelain Cookware Set

The Paula Deen 12pc Signature Porcelain Cookware Set Includes:

  • 1 quart saucepan with lid,
  • 2 quart saucepan with lid,
  • 2¾ quart saucepan with lid,
  • 6 quart stockpot with lid,
  • an 8 inch skillet,
  • 10 inch skillet,
  • a slotted spoon .
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Paula Deen Cookware Set

“Paula Deen says that this set was inspired by hunting through antique shops with her Aunt.  It is a lovely looking set and is available in charcoal gray, olive green or red.  The sets have tiny black speckles on them which you can’t see in photos on the internet but they are so pretty.

Even the bottoms of the cookware are good-looking, with ‘PD’ for Paula Deen and an ivy pattern in black.  There are also many other pieces available so you can add to it if you wish.

This Paula Deen Cookware Set is basically aluminum (so it heats up quickly and evenly) but has a porcelain exterior and is non-stick inside.  The non-stick inner means that it’s not safe in the dishwasher but it’s so easy to clean that this isn’t a problem.

Because it’s non-stick, you need to be careful not to stack them as this could scratch the surface but they are so pretty that they look amazing hung from a rack or from cup hooks under a cupboard.  The pieces even have copper plated rings already attached to them so they are ready to hang!

The handles are color co-ordinated so the red set has red handles, the green has green ones and the charcoal set has dark grey.  The handles are well fixed on with two rivets and are rubberized so they are easy to hold.  The cookware is safe to use from stove top to oven up to 350 degrees.

The lids are glass so you can keep an eye on what’s cooking and the knobs are copper plated.  This looks very pretty but does mean that the lid handles get hot, so you’ll need a pot holder or oven mitt.

The cookware is safe to use on any stove top BUT there is a warning that letting them sit on a high heat when they are empty may cause the porcelain to stick to a glass cook top.  So if you do have a glass cook top, don’t ever heat them empty and keep the heat low.

Some reviewers have commented on how lightweight the pans are.  It just depends how you like your cookware.  You also have to remember that once the pan is full of food or liquid, it increases the weight.  On a positive note, this set would be ideal for anyone with arthritis or just weak wrists who couldn’t manage a heavier pan.

This is an inexpensive, lovely looking set in a choice of colors which would brighten up anyone’s cooking and would look particularly good in a country style kitchen.”

However I must add that there are mixed reviews about the quality as can be seen by the reviews at the bottom of the page.

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  1. i just recently got the red set for christmas from my mommy good old mom she always knows whats best. now in the past i have used pampered chef and other cookware sets now i must say this set from pd is the best of all they are good looking and i chose red because my kitchen is in apples and they are great non stick and durable. and for some reason her set heats up fast like boiling i love to cook and now its even better i cant wait to see what santa brings me next year hopefully some of her bakeware set. i alos have used her bannana pudding receipe i have to say its to die for. way to go paula this will be the only set ill use, my mom is getting a set for my brother when he moves out and my sister then herself, so if that tells you anything its the best.

  2. Marilyn Basto says:

    I have never owned a porceline cookware set and would like to know if it is a good choice. Does it burn easily? I bought a stainless steel cookware set a few months several months ago and it burns badly. It doesn’t even cook well. It was Tooles of the Trade. I thought the brand would hold up well. I was careful about cooking with it. I am very disappointed with it. I have never cooked with a porceline set. Can you give me more information on the porceline. Thank You. Marilyn Basto

  3. Good information. Very nice set to have. I would really like to have a porcelain set for my kitchen. Thanks again for the info.