ManPans Holiday Cookware Set – Eco Green Cookware

ManPans holiday_set_2The environmentally conscious cook should take a look at the ManPan. This is a company that manufactures their cookware right here in the US and they pride themselves on the fact that their manufacturing methods reduce their carbon footprint.

You can read about their carbon reducing manufacturing methods here.

But not only is this company doing something about carbon emissions their cookware is pretty damn good.  The company sent us a ManPan Stir Fry Wok and you can read our full review here.

Well here it is, the holiday season is upon us and  ManPans have put together a collection of their favourite ManPans for you in one practical package.  The Holiday Cookware Set includes all those practical pieces of cookware that make cooking a pleasure.

Just look at the great range of cookware you are going to get in the box:

  •  4 Quart Sauce Pan – just the right size  for cooking up your favorite pasta dishes, one pot dishes and sauces. This pan also has included a glass lid that has a steam vent.
  • Steamer Insert – fits the 4 qt pan.  ManPan recently steamed Bratwurst with beer, onions and spices in the pan. Now doesn’t that sound delicious!
  •  2 Quart Sauce Pan –  just the right size for cooking up smaller quantities and this pan also comes with an 8″ glass lid complete with steam vent. Its ideal for letting you see into the pan while  your food is cooking. And you don’t lose that precious heat and steam because you don’t have to lift the lid unneccesarily.
  • 10″ Fry Pan – every home needs this sized fry pan. It is just the right size for cooking anything from omelets to onions to burgers.
  • 12″ Saute Pan – just what you need for anything from searing steaks to braising chicken or  finishing off a complex dish.  Ideal for when you are cooking for a crowd and this pan also has the glass lid with steam vent which allows you to watch how things are progressing.

And this whole set of excellent performing, eco green cookware is available for a low $299.00. That’s a lot of cookware for a great price. So all in all, this is a pretty good deal wouldn’t you say. 

Why not put the Holiday Cookware Set on your list for Santa.


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  1. GREAT review Wanda! I’m a bit hurried right now but I hope to be back in the next few days to see if you have any reviews on food processors. I’ve decided to splurge and by myself one for Christmas. I’m joining the 21st century! it will be my first!!! See ya soon, Louise

  2. so much for downsizing, LOL

    • LOL, you and me both. I have just purchased a fabulous Anolon hard anodized non-stick saute pan. Its amazing. I still love my Jamie Oliver pan but this one is bigger so it is ideal for cooking when friends are over.

  3. I see you are featuring Man Pans, and have a September review of a Man Pan wok as linked from their site. But as impressive as that was, I don’t see Man Pans in your top lists, or anywhere in your reviews. Is there a reason, have they fallen out of favor? If their coating is as tough as they claim, wouldn’t they be better than Rachael or Calphalon non-sticks that tho expensive, are not scratch resistant?

    • There are a number of reasons why we haven’t featured this pan more than we have. First of all, we tend to only go with products that have received a number of positive reviews from other consumers. We don’t like to just rely on our own opinion if we can help it. At this point in time, there are very few reviews of this product on the net.

      Secondly, the pan we reviewed was a wok, whereas the Rachael Ray and Calphalon products are cookware sets. Can’t really compare the two on the basis of that.

      Thirdly, we were a little concerned of the scuffing around the pan which Manpans call ‘beauty marks’.

  4. I purchased the ManPans set recently and loved them, but after only two months the two pans I use the most have lost all of their nonstick capabilities. I emailed the company four times in the past week without a single response. I find this very suspicious, because when I emailed the company during the purchasing process, they returned my email within ONE HOUR. All I can say is buyer beware. ManPans has yet to prove they will stand behind their product.

  5. Good information. Nice looking pans. I’m going to have to look into this a bit more. very interesting.