Review: BonJour Chef’s Torch with Fuel Gauge

Bonjour Chefs Torch with Fuel Gauge

Paula is a fan of creme brulee, I think it may just be her favorite dessert, she especially loves the caramelized sugar topping.

Getting that same finish at home can be a bit of a challenge and that’s where the BonJour Chefs Torch comes to the party.

So here is a torch that is a great addition to the kitchen. With it you can easily and simply caramelize sugar to make that tasty crème brulee topping and you can do other things such as brown meringues.

The beauty of  the BonJour Chef’s Torch with Fuel Gauge, is that it is compact and  it has a fuel gauge so you can see just how much gas is left and you won’t run out at a crucial moment.

So now that you have an accessory to  help you need to take the guesswork out of torching stuff, you’re ready to cook up a tasty dessert or even melt some Swiss cheese for a soup .

It’s  one of those tools that once you discover it, makes you ask, “wow, why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?” What a simple concept just put a gas gauge on the torch so that you know if you’ll have enough fuel to finish off your dish or if you need to pop in a refill cartridge. 

The construction of this torch is top notch. It’s made out of sturdy aluminum so you don’t have to worry if you drop it if your fingers are greasy.  The handle is molded to fit your grip as well making it an easy to control torch. 

What We Like: 

  • Obviously the top selling feature of this torch is the fuel gauge. It’s an added bonus without an extra cost. Anything that takes the guesswork out of cooking is a huge plus in our book. 
  • We like how long a charge of fuel lasts in the unit. It’s sealed well so you don’t have to worry about pulling it out of a kitchen drawer and finding that it’s empty. 
  • We loved the sturdy construction and ergonomic grip. It feels natural in the hand allowing you plenty of control over what you are doing.

The BonJour Chef’s Torch with Fuel Gauge in Brushed Aluminum has received a majority of 5 stars from those who have purchased it. In fact the only 4 star ratings were from someone who felt it ran out quickly but it wasn’t a big issue because it is so quick and easy to refill, and the other person needed to experiment to get the result they wanted. Both still love the performance of this great kitchen torch.


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