How To Keep Eating Well If You’re On a Budget

What to Keep Up

For families who have decided to buy healthy snacks, produce and whole grain costs may seem incredibly high. However, eating healthy snack instead of snack high in sugar is a natural way to boost energy and to curb and unhealthy appetite. Though healthier foods may be more expensive, they help to keep both adults and children fuller for longer, reducing the frequency with which such snacks are purchased and ultimately saving families money and supplementary energy boosters and appetite reducers. Eating healthy snacks also helps the body to feel more active. This results in increased activity and reduces the risk for heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and other diseases which cost a lot in bills and healthcare.

What to Add

Buying healthy food in bulk is a great idea for a large family. It’s a quick and easy way to make healthy choices, and lots of them, all at once. For those with smaller families, it is important not to over purchase quantities of food. Though it may seem smart cost wise, much of the food will be unusable before smaller families get around to preparing it. Also, families should try to add homemade recipes to menus. By involving the entire family in meal selections, children often feel more included and enthusiastic about healthy food options, thus eliminating food waste.

What to Cut Out

Though some fruits and veggies may be favorites, it’s a good idea to cut out those options that are more expensive in favor of cheaper options. For example, if a family member enjoys eating fresh cherries, but they are much more expensive than grapes, it may be a great idea to settle for the less appealing but still healthy and satisfying alternative. Also, simply by resisting the urge to buy by brand and by actually checking nutritional content and with prices, families can cut down on unnecessarily wasted money. Also, by eliminating unhealthy juices and beverages from diets, and by increasing the amount of water and fruits that are ingested, families can reduce sugar intake and save even more money.

What to Tweak

Many shudder at the thought, but leftovers are actually a great way to reduce food costs and to keep up a healthy, balanced diet. Often, families opt for fast food and other unhealthy options because of time limitations. By reducing homemade meal frequency to just a few times a week and making enough for leftovers, families can still eat healthy food without feeling rushed or pressed for time because of the need to prepare new ingredients. Reheating food also decreases the necessity for going out for lunch during work and school hours, thus leaving more room in the grocery budget for healthy options.

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  1. Your comments concerning health snacks reminds me of something Jamie Oliver wrote concerning fresh fruit and vegetables. He was referring to organic produce and stated he would much rather buy fresh from a farmers market as most farmers produce was much fresher than organic purchased in super markets. My experience with farmers markets results in better prices than super markets which is always a plus.

  2. That was a very informative. It will be handy for me and my family to save some money. Thanks for the article, I look forward to more.

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