Great Non-BBQ Dishes that go Great with Barbecue

Lamb-Kebabs-with-Greek-SaladEveryone likes an all-meat feast from time to time, but a true barbecue experience entails much more. After all, what would a barbecue be without potato salad or a special side dish to balance out the salty flavor? Juicy steaks are great but other non-BBQ dishes are just as essential for creating a comprehensive experience for all of your guests. And since there are more people with dietary concerns or special requirements than ever, non-BBQ dishes provide a perfect opportunity to satisfy vegetarians or picky eaters. They turn a one dimensional barbecue meal into a comprehensive dining experience in the great outdoors. Expanding your routine also allows you to exercise your culinary muscles while showing off exactly what you can do. Here is a selection of delicious non-BBQ foods that you might want to incorporate into your next barbecue party.

Lasagna – it’s no wonder why Garfield loves this dish so much. It goes great on its own, but it also complements barbecue meals perfectly. Loaded with cheese and just the right amount of pasta in between, you get a dish that goes well with anything from steak to chicken. You can go to any Italian restaurant and chances are they have lasagna and BBQ chicken as an option, so why not put it together in your own backyard? It’s also incredibly easy to make and you can prepare it well before you light up your grill.

Fresh Baked Bread – you don’t necessarily have to bake the bread yourself since any local bakery can handle the job nicely. Just make sure that you get it as fresh as possible, and it’s not necessary to settle for one kind either. There are wonderful breads that go well with barbecue meals ranging from cornbread to sourdough. And don’t discount traditional fresh baked bread either because there’s nothing wrong with going back to basics.

Greek Salad – some salads always make an appearance at your barbecue dinner table and these include potato salad, garden salad, or even coleslaw. Why not add a bit of delicious feta cheese into the mix with a traditional Greek salad? This type of salad is extremely easy to prepare and it’s loaded with healthy goodies and abundant flavor. Best of all, you don’t have to be an expert chef to chop up your selection of vegetables and put them into a single bowl. Of course the main attraction is the Feta cheese so make sure you get it nice and fresh.

Rice Pilaf – Rice pilaf helps to balance out salty flavors and cleanse the palate a little bit. You can even make it a bit on the bland side on purpose if you’re serving heavier meats loaded with barbecue sauce. The combination of vegetables and firm rice provides a distinct type of texture that goes well with your barbecue meal.

Curry – if you want to add a bit of multicultural flair to your barbecue meal, then you can always explore the world of curry. It’s extremely easy to prepare and makes use of meat and vegetable in incredible ways. Curry also tastes great over white rice or you can add a whole new dynamic by using traditional Jasmine Rice. You can even go with and all-vegetable curry to offer your vegetarian guests a great dish. Or you can go with a chicken or beef curry which will be just as popular as anything that comes off your grill.

In the end, the possibilities are truly endless and you should always be looking to revitalize your barbecue routine. Never let things get stale because a predictable menu is something you want to avoid. Go ahead and try new things because even if they don’t turn out to be popular favorites, you always have your barbecue food as backup. And when things go well, people will simply marvel at your creativity and imagination while acknowledging you are the perfect barbecue host.

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