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fat-free-vegan-kitchen1.JPGThis weeks recipe blog of the week is the Fatfree Vegan Kitchen blog.

Often it is hard to find recipes that are suitable for your Vegan friends.  And often they are served food that is unacceptable for their diet.

Most of us non-vegans think “Oh yeah, I’ll tear up some lettuce, add tomatoes and carrots and throw in some cheese.”  Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that wouldn’t be considered an appertising meal by your vegan friends.

Fatfree Vegan
Susan’s  blog  is part of the Fatfree Vegan Recipes website and the recipes are nutritional, easy to make and quite within the acceptable range of vegan food groups.

Pot Grabbers – Silicone Pot Holders

pot-grabbersTake our advice and play is safe and smart in the kitchen.

These kitchen pot grabbers are durable and flexible silicone which can withstand temperatures up 500° Fahrenheit.

They fit comfortably in your hand and provide a heat

resistant grip for when you want to move that pot off the stove to the trivet or into the oven, you will also find them handy for getting the baking trays and roasters out of the oven.

When the pot grabber is in the folded ready to use position they measure 3 2/1″ in height x 4″ in width. They come in handy sets of two and in assorted colors.

Pot Grabbers – Silicone Pot Holders

Asparagus and Corn Stainless Steel Steamer

asparagus-and-corn-stainless-steel-steamerMost of us are aware of the quality of the All-Clad cookware range. So being a gadget, must have everything for the kitchen, type of gal, I thought this item was just what I needed.

Now how much asparagus and corn  do I eat? Well to be honest not a lot, but when I have company over, this little beauty does it for me with ease.

Steamed vegetables retain their goodness and flavor which makes them good to eat.

Now the All-Clad stainless steel steamer is made from high quality 18/10 stainless steel and has a thick stainless/aluminum disk on the bottom, which we know allows for great heat distribution.

The exterior has a satin finish while the interior of the steamer is highly polished stainless steel for easy cleaning.

The long narrow stainless steamer basket holds a large quantitiy of asparagus  and takes the bother out of cooking lots of asparagus or corn when you are entertaining for a crowd.

All-Clad 4-qt. Stainless Gourmet Asparagus Steamer

Cookware Accessories – Silicone Brush

On reading through the posts I realized that we have lots of review and articles about cookware, recipes etc but nothing about the accessories that make a cook’s life easy.

I have a lot of gadgets that help with the preparation and cooking of food so in future there will be reviews about these smaller items with links on where to find them on the net.

One of the items I find invaluable when cooking a roast in my turbo oven, is a silicone basting brush.  Because of its flat shape, I can easily slip the brush down the side of the oven to the juices in the bottom.

I have had a variety of different types over the years but they always seemed to end up melting.

Well I have had no problems at all with  silicone brushes. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and handle shapes but and they are relatively inexpensive. There are generally 3 rows of non-shedding bristles and depending on the brand yo buy they are heat resistant up to 500°.  Althought the Le Creuset set of basting brushes shown are heat resistant up to 800°.

Apart from basting meat you can use these brushes as a pastry brush for pies and breads. And they are dishwasher safe

The Foodie Princess – Blog of the Week

The Foodie PrincessThis weeks blog of the week is
‘The Foodie Princess’

Now this blog has some great recipes and one I particulary like is the Mediterranean Style Tuna Patties.

There are a number of really nice recipes combined with some chit chat – some personal some food and wine related. So why not head over and check out this blog.