Mario Batali Silicone Italian Kitchen Work Mat – Roll Out the Dough

mario-batali-silicone-italian-ktichen-work-matThe Mario Batali  Silicone Italian Kitchen work mat gives you an ideal surface on which to roll out pizza dough, pasta dough, pasty for pies and pasties, scone dough. In fact any of those recipes that require you to roll out the ingredients.

There are even two of Mario Batali’s recipies printed on the mat, one for pizza dough and one for pasta dough.

At 16 inches by 24 inches it is a very generous size which will fill most of your needs when needing to roll out the dough.

The Mario Batali silicone Italian kitchen work mat is made from non-stick silicone and can be placed in the dishwasher for easy clean up or it can be washed up by hand.

The mat can be stored by simply rolling it up and an easy way to store it is wrapped around your rolling pin.

Apart from the circle sizes for you to roll out your pizza dough, there are convenient measurement conversion tables included for you on the mat.

And once you have your dough at the right consistency why not place it on the Mario Batali Pizza Pan and cut it with the Mario Batali pizza cutter when it is cooked. Makes perfect sense.

Where Can I Buy The Mario Batali Silicone Italian Kitchen Work Mat?

Nordic Ware Natural Commercial Bakeware Pie Pan with Storage Lid

nordic-ware-natural-commercial-bakeware-pie-pan-with-lidNordic Ware have a great range of cook n store products and this 10 inch pie pan is one of the range.

Now with the aluminum Nordic Ware pie  pan with storage lid you can keep you pie in the same container that you baked it in, to either transport it to a function or simply store it in the fridge.

No more having to transfer your delicious pie into another container with a cover or having to use cling wrap or aluminum wrap to cover the pie dish and taking the chance of it tipping over and becoming a crumbled mess.

The cover is airtight so your pie will remain nice and fresh and maintain its tasty flavor.

With Thanksgiving and Xmas approaching you may even find that you need more than one covered pie pan to keep all your pies fresh.

The Nordic Ware pie pan would also make a great xmas gift for your pie making friends.

Dishwashing by hand is recommended to keep your pie pan in good condition.

Where Can I Buy the Nordic Ware Commercial Bakeware Pie Pan with Storage Lid?

Nordic Ware Bundt Fairytale Cottage & Snowman

nordic-ware-bundt-fairytale-cottageWith the festive season almost upon us its time to bring out the decorative cake pans.

Nordic Ware have an excellent range of bundt cake pans.

Founded in 1946, Nordic Ware is a family-owned, American manufacturer of innovative kitchenware, bakeware, microwave and barbecue cookware.  And there range of Bundt pans is unsurpassed for quality and style.

You will find a pattern of bundt pan to suit almost any occasion and with this delightful fairytale cottage you will be able to make and decorate a cake to delight the kids for their birthday or for the upcoming xmas celebration.
Nordic Ware 10-c. Platinum Series 3-D Snowman Pan
And if you are entertaining a crowd of family and friends at xmas why not consider making this stand up 3D snowman as a centrepiece for the party table.

Not that there is any reason why you can’t make this delightful Snowman cake any time of the year.

The pan has a  10 cup capacity.

Here are some other bundt pans that will fit the bill for entertaining during the festive season, or in fact any time of the year.

Where Can I Buy Bundt Pans?

Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan – Rectangle With Nonstick Edge

bakers-edge-brownie-pan How often do you have squabbles over who is going to have the crispy edge of the brownies. Well this pan is made just for edge lovers. Every individual serve has two chewy edges so you can satisfy everyone’s desire – both the corner brownie fans and the chewy edge eaters.

If you are using a boxed mix you will find that you won’t need to adjust the recipe as it fits nicely into the Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge brownie pan.

The heat is circulated around the pan giving consistent results and ensuring that every brownie is cooked just right.

The Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan was launched in 2006 and has since received rave review in magazines, newspaper and on blogs.

What we like:

  • The pan is made from heavy gauge cast aluminum
  • It has a good quality nonstick coating
  • The smooth corners are rounded and easy to clean
  • The recessed handles give you a good grip when turning the pan upside down
  • There is a  flexible nylon spatula and gourmet brownie recipes included  
  • The size of the pan  is ideal for box mixes that require a pan measuring 9” x 12” x 2”  while also being suitable for recipes that require 9” x 9” and 9” x 13” conventional sized pans.

The Baker’s Edge rectangle nonstick brownie pan is one of those baking pans that you will find useful time and time again.

And if you are looking for a box of brownie mix to get you started then simply check out our post on  The Barfoot Contessa’s Outrageous Brownie Mix

Where Can I Buy the Baker’s Edge Rectangle Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan?

Anolon Nonstick Meat Loaf Pan Set Review

anolon-nonstick-meat-loaf-pan-setIf you love making meat loaf then you will love this pan. Not only is it strong and durable and does a great job of cooking meatloaf but it also works at reducing the amount of fat you will eat making this a healthy way to cook meat loaf.

The pan comes in two pieces – the pan itself and an insert which helps to drain away the fat from the meatloaf. This means you will have still have a moist meatloaf but not meat loaf that is dripping in fat.

This pan is about the size for a 2lb meat loaf recipe.

What We Like

  • This is not just for meat loaf. You can even bake cakes or bread in this pan.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Strong, solid and durable.
  • The nonstick surface makes clean up quick and easy.
  • This is dishwasher safe but we recommend hand washing wherever possible.
  • This meatloaf pan has silicone handles.
  • It makes a great meatloaf and drains most of the fat right away.

What We Don’t Like

  • The price may be an issue for some. You can finder cheaper versions of this style of meat loaf pan but this is one that should last you a lifetime so it is definitely a good investment.

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