Lodge Manufacturing Cast Iron Serving Kettles – Set of 4

lodge-manufacturing-cast-iron-serving-kettlesThis cute set of 4 enameled logic cast iron serving kettles are made by Lodge Manufacturing Co.

Each kettle has an 8 oz capacity and I find them ideal when serving garnishes for fajitas and chili. I fill them with onions, cheese, cilantro, sour cream, salsa, cheese and other items to compliment whatever type of meal I am serving. They are also great for individual servings of soup, macaroni cheese and small servings of casserole.

Each kettle has pedestal feet and comes with side handles that make it easy to lift them or for passing around the table.

These kettles have all the properties of cast iron such as weight, look and durability and another great feature is that they have been pre-seasoned.

Let’s Cook Fajita’s – Choose Your Cookware

Fajita’s are traditionally made using skirt steak, which was once considered to be a less desirable cut of meat because it is tough unless cooked correctly.

The term Fajita comes from the Spanish word ‘faja’ which translates into sash or belt referring to the skirt steak which is the diaphragm muscle of the steer.

Although originally a Mexican dish of the vaqueros or Mexican cowboys, it has been considered to be a Texas specialty from the late 1930’s. So the fajita is true Tex-Mex fare being a blend of Texas cowboy and Mexican panchero foods.

Skirt steak was given to the Hispanic ranch hands as part payment for their work, and they would pound the meat till it was thin, marinate it in lime juice and cook it over a mesquite wood fire. After grilling the meat they would slice it thinly and wrap it in a warm flour tortilla – ‘tacos de fajital’.

Although purists say that a fajita only refers to a dish made with skirt steak, there are also recipes for chicken fajita’s.

For everything you need to know about making frajita’s – from making the marinades to completing the dish visit Texas Cooking.

And when it comes to cooking your sizzling skirt steak or chicken fajita’s at your next cookout, this platter is ideal.

The cooking platter has a ribbed surface to give your meat that freshly seared look and a pouring lip so you can drain away any excess oils or fat before serving. The handle of the cast iron platter is extra wide for a good, secure grip, and comes with a mitt that fits right over the handle. Once at the table, place the sizzling platter on the specially-made wood holder.

Tell me where I can buy fajita pans:

The All Purpose Dutch Oven

green-dutch-ovenWe have extolled the virtues of the Le Creuset Dutch Oven in the past. The cast iron construction is superior to other cookware because it absorbs and retains heat more efficiently as your pot roast, chicken and vegetables slowly braise and stew in the oven. Braise, stew, brown…do it all in this all-purpose pot. It’s perfect, and its heat retention is amazing. The oven also cleans up really well.

The artisans at Le Creuset have been making richly enameled cast iron cookware in the French village of Fresnoy-le-Grand since 1925. Each piece from their line is individually created, coated, fired and inspected in order to bring you the finest quality cookware-to-tableware available.

The 6.75-qt. oval Dutch oven is fitted with two loop handles and comes with a domed lid to seal in the juices while your dish cooks. Oven-safe to 450 degrees.

The Dutch oven has one drawback in that it is heavy.

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Le Creuset 3.5-qt. Enameled Wide Round Dutch Oven, Kiwi

Le Creuset Cast Iron Enameled Skillet – Cookware Review

le-creuset-cast-iron-enamelled-red-skilletLe Creuset 11.75-in. Enameled Skillet, Cherry Red

We have just added our latest cookware review and this time it is for the Le Creuset enamel cast iron skillet. This skillet comes in a variety of colors including cherry red, cobalt blue, dune (white), Caribbean blue, flame, kiwi and satin black. My favorite is the cobalt blue but with this range there is a color to suit any kitchen.

This skillet is a popular alternative to traditional non-stick cookware and as we are dealing with cast iron cookware here, foods cook evenly and heat is maintained for longer.

Read our full review here: Le Creuset Enameled Skillet Cookware Review

How to Season Your Cast Iron Cookware

If you own cast iron cookware then you know that to cook successful meals you need to season your cookware correctly.

Without proper seasoning your food will not only stick to the surface but it will also react with the metal resulting in food that tastes and looks unappetizing. Your pans will also begin to rust, making them unattractive.

You can use your raw cast iron cookware in the kitchen and it is equally serviceable for use on the campfire when you go camping.

Raw cast iron cookware will give you many years of good service if properly cared and these pans are often passed down through the generations. So they are definitely value for money.

In fact I have a set of 3 saucepans that were handed down to me from my grandmother and they are in as good condition as when she owned them.  And because I take the simple steps below, they will be able to be handed on to my daughter.

Here are the steps to seasoning your cast iron cookware:

  1. Preheat your oven to 300F and place aluminum foil or similar in the bottom of your oven to protect it from oil spills.  If you have purchased your cast iron cookware as new then you will need to thoroughly wash it with warm water and soap using a scourer to remove any rust proof coatings.
  2. Dry the cookware thoroughly before proceeding to the next step. You can place it in the oven for a short period in order to do this.
  3. Coat the pan and the lid evenly with a heavy fat like lard or bacon grease. Many use Crisco for this purpose. The pan should be coated inside and out.
  4. Place the pan and the lid upside in your oven for about an hour. If you place them right side up then the oil will accumulate in the bottom of the pan.

For best results repeat steps 4 and 5.

Repeating this process once or twice will ensure an optimal non-stick surface to cook on.

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