Get a Grip with the OXO Good Grips 5-Quart Non Slip Base Mixing Bowl

OXO Good Grips 5qt Mixing BowlIts common knowledge that OXO make some of the best kitchen gadgets available on the market today. You only need to check out Amazon to see that their products are rated exceptionally well by consumers.

The OXO Good Grip 5qt Mixing Bowl is another in their line of products that receives top reviews.

And what is it that makes  this mixing bowl stand out from the rest? Well   first of all there is the  non-slip handle. This comes in very handy when whisking eggs or cream or beating up a cake mix.

Then there is the non-slip bottom which is a great feature you don’t often find in mixing bowls.

How many times have you been mixing something and the bowl slips and slides away from you?

Both these great non slip features help to stabilize the bowl and prevents it from moving around on the kitchen bench top. It even works if you have the bowl tilted.

Once you have nicely blended all the ingredients there is a nice wide lip that allows for easy pouring and as the bowl is dishwasher safe, clean up is a breeze.

So if you are looking for a practical bowl for all your mixing needs then why not do yourself a favor and BUY NOW

Review: Wüsthof Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

Wusthof Come Apart Kitchen Shears

Wusthof Come Apart Kitchen Shears

Every kitchen needs a good pair of shears.

Those who don’t have a pair for the kitchen often end up moving some of their sewing scissors into the kitchen to be used when needed. But sewing scissors and kitchen shears are two very different things.

Kitchen shears need to be able to do a number of different jobs. From simply cutting open a plastic bag of ingredients to cutting apart chicken and other meats, there are a variety or roles they are expected to fill.

When it comes to benefits, the Wüsthof Come-Apart Kitchen Shears are built with a number of them. First they have blades that can be snapped apart. This is vital when you are using shears for the kitchen. Imagine if you were to chop up a piece of raw meat with the shears and were unable to clean all of those meat particles out of the hinged area of the shears. This is just what you can do by taking them apart.

Additionally, these are ambidextrous shears, meaning they can be held in either hand. This is something that lefties appreciate.

The creators of these shears also kept other help you may need in the kitchen in mind as the handle of these shears also have a jar opening capability thanks to a steel tooth inset.

What We Like

  • The fact that they come apart, making them much easier to clean, especially after you cut meat and other items that require a very careful clean up.
  • They are a favorite cutting tool when cutting chicken, but of course they can be used for cutting fat off meat, cutting through ribs and even butchers twine.

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Ice Cream Makers…How to Choose One

Musso Stainless Steel Lussino Ice Cream MakerIce Cream Makers are growing in popularity and with good reason. They make great ice cream and give you the freedom to create your own flavors, whenever you like.

They do vary in what they offer and can range in price from around $80 to $500 and more, so it can be difficult for a first time buyer to decide which one is the best for them. Would you need one with a built-in freezing compressor, one that uses rock salt and ice or a bowl that goes into the freezer? Electric or Manual? If you’re not sure, here are a few questions to consider before buying.

Which Type is Best For Me?

There are two basic types of ice cream makers. Some have a bowl which you chill thoroughly in the freezer before adding the ingredients. These models are inexpensive but do check how long the bowl needs to be frozen for, which freezer setting is required and how long the bowl can be out before it needs to be put back into the freezer again.

Although these ice cream makers are fairly inexpensive, they do mean that you have to plan your ice cream making by ensuring that you have enough room in your freezer for the bowl when you want to pre-freeze it.

The more expensive ice cream makers have freezers built into them – doing away with the need to pre-freeze a bowl. This is obviously much more convenient and means that you can make ice cream whenever you want to, without losing freezer space but this is reflected in the higher price.

How Fast Do You Want Your Ice Cream?

Most ice cream makers produce ice cream within 20 to 40 minutes, depending on how high the quality of the bowl is and how powerful the performance of the motor. Some models do take longer than 40 minutes and if you go for one with a pre-freeze bowl you would have to organized enough to remember to put the bowl into the freezer – so spontaneous ice cream would not be possible.

Is it Easy to Clean?

One of the most common reasons why kitchen appliances end up forgotten in the back of a cupboard is that they are difficult to clean. Check the product description to make sure this doesn’t happen to your new ice cream maker!

What Can I Make?

Most ice cream makers also make frozen drinks, frozen yogurt and sorbet. They often come with a basic recipe book but to get the best out of yours, it’s worth investing in a recipe book especially for these machines. It’s a good idea to buy from a website that features book reviews so that you will know if the book is what you need.

What if it Breaks Down?

Each make and model of ice cream maker will have a different warranty so it’s worth checking out how long the guarantee is before you buy – especially if you are investing in an expensive model.

How Much Ice Cream Do You Want?

Many ice cream makers will give you 0.7 liters in one batch. If you have a large family, you would need one that makes a quart and a half to two quarts. Take a look at the models which use rock salt and ice for cooling as these are generally 1.5 quarts.

How Do You Want To Make It?

It’s still possible to buy the old style hand cranked machines. These are great for people who love retro and don’t want modern equipment in their kitchen. Kids also love to make ice cream this way but do be warned that it takes a while, so if the kids run out of steam, you may find yourself having to finish the process!

Electrical models are quicker and easier but of course, more expensive. They give the best results because the bowl turns at a constant speed. These machines also have an automatic shut off, so when the ice cream is at the correct consistency it stops churning. The machine works out the consistency of the ice cream by monitoring how much the paddles or turning bowl are resisting the ice cream mix as it thickens. So when that resistance reaches a certain level, the ice cream maker recognizes that the ice cream is done.

A downside to the less expensive machines is that they have a tendency for the motor to burn out as churning ice cream is hard work on the paddles, especially as the ice cream thickens and becomes harder to stir.

Do a Little Research…

Take a look online at customer review sites and read what real customers have said about each machine. While you’re checking out the reviews, take a note of the prices and what you get for your money.

Here are our suggestions for the best rated ice cream machines:

Look at Some ‘Real’ Ones

Many people buy electrical appliances online now, which is a good idea as it is so easy to compare various models and the availability is amazing. However, it’s useful to go to a store and take a good look at an actual machine. Does it have a good, strong, heavy blade for stirring? Check out the freezer bowl and visualize (or measure) how much space it will take up in your freezer. Bear in mind that many machines with a bowl system require the bowl to be freezer-chilled for many hours prior to making the ice cream. Would you always have that much space in your freezer?

Does it Come With Any Extras?

Check if the model that you are interested in comes with a special pouring jug or spatula as this will save you having to source these basic tools and it will also save you the extra cost.

Handy Hints

  • The faster you can freeze your ice cream the richer the taste will be and the smoother the texture. If you are going for a pre-freeze bowl maker, mix your ingredients and then chill them for at least 5 hours before putting them in the ice cream maker and you will get superior results.
  • You will know your ice cream is done by how it looks. It should resemble shop-bought soft ice cream. If you are using a pre-freeze bowl, you should get a nice looking ice cream that is fairly solid in texture.
  • If the bowl that came with your ice cream maker is made from plastic and you need your ice cream to freeze more quickly, just move it into a metal bowl, cover it foil, and put it back into the freezer. This should halve the time it takes to freeze.
  • You can buy packets of ice cream mix but although they are convenient they don’t have the flavor of ice cream made from scratch. Try both and see which you prefer.

If you or your family eat a lot of ice cream, making it at home will save you money, it’s great fun and you can try out endless flavors. Once you have found the ice cream maker that is right for you, ice cream will never be the same again!

Why Choose Silicone Cookware?

okra-personal-12-ounce-steamerWhen it comes to cookware there are plenty of options – metal, Teflon, plastic, wood, and of course silicone. Silicone is rapidly rising in popularity for a variety of reasons.

So why choose silicone cookware?

  • Silicone is a soft material, which means it won’t scratch any of your non-stick pots and pans.
  • Cleaning: Silicone rinses off easily. It doesn’t hold a smell like wood, or stain like plastic. No more garlic scented spatulas or chili stained ladles.
  • Temperature: Silicone will work in any temperature range you have in your home. You don’t have to worry about your ladle melting as you stir up a pot of stew.
  • Heat: Silicone is non conductive and won’t hold heat. No more burning your hand if you have to stir something for any length of time.
  • Non-toxic: Silicone is a naturally occurring mineral, unlike plastic. It’s safer for you and your family.
  • Naturally non-stick: A silicone cooking dish let’s you pop out baked goods without leaving half of it stuck to the pan. Not only is clean up easier but you can cook more healthfully since you no longer need to grease the bottom of the pan.
  • Durability: With proper care silicone cookware will last for ages. It’s not going to fray at the edges like plastic.
  • Flexible: silicone bends quite easily. This lets you scoop out any food stuck in the corners of your dishes.
  • Recyclable: While silicone isn’t biodegradable like wood it is easily recycled, saving trees and energy.
  • Style: you can find silicone cookware in any color you need to match your kitchen décor.

There really isn’t any good reason not to use silicone cookware. It’s easy to clean, resists high temperature, cleans easily, and is environmentally friendly. You can find silicone cookware for any culinary need from spatulas to oven mitts.

You can find a range of Silicone cookware at

With the Kindle 2 Electronic Reader Have Your Recipes At Hand

kindle2What a fantastic innovation is the Kindle 2 ulta thin electronic reader.

The Kindle 2 is not only useful for keeping all your favorite recipes and recipe books in one easy to read, easy to retrieve place but it is ulta light to take with you when you travel, go to the holiday home or visiting.  You don’t need to take your heavy cookbooks with you ever again.

The Kindle 2 downloads books to your reader in 60 seconds via the 3G wireless  without the need to seek out a Wi Fi hotspot  or  without the requirement to have a PC.

With the Kindle Accessories you can keep your Kindle easy to clean while still being able to read every word clearly.  And another thing that makes this innovative electronic device an absolute must is the fact that it has a read aloud function. So you can have the Kindle read out your recipe to you while you cook.

Imagine having 1500 recipe books on hand in a device that measures 8″ x 5″  and is only 1/3″ width. Plus it weighs only 10.2 ounces.

What a fantastic innovation from Amazon.

You can buy the Kindle 2 at Amazon.