Review: All Clad Copper Core 2.5qt Windsor Saucepan Review

all-clad-copper-core-windsor-saucepanWindsor saucepans have flared sides and are used primarily for creating sauces. This is because firstly the flared sides allow for greater evaporation of the sauce due to the greater surface area. So if you have sauces that need to be reduced then a Windsor saucepan is idea.

Secondly, the flared sides mean easier whisking as you pretty much have more room to move.

The All Clad Copper Core Windsor saucepn is the perfect example of a Windsor saucepan. First of all, it just looks absolutely gorgeous. You really can’t fault All Clad for the beauty of their products. Secondly, it has beautifully flared sides and a flared rim for drip free pouring.

The All Clad Copper Core range of cookware would have to be one of the best. This cookware is made from 5 layers of metals. The inner cooking surface and also the outer surface is made from 18/10 stainless steel.

Sandwiched between those are layers of aluminum and copper AND these layers extend up the sides of the saucepan. You don’t get this in a lot of cookware. Most have the aluminum or copper layer in the base of the pot only. In a nutshell, this really makes for outstanding cooking results.

Both aluminum and copper are good conductors of heat so foods cook evenly and without hot spots.  The copper means that you have precise cooking control as it responds rapidly to temperature change. This is perfect when it comes to cooking sauces which can easily burn if not careful.

This isn’t cheap with prices around the $250-$300 mark but it is a beautiful piece of cookware that you will be proud to own.

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Mauviel M’Heritage Cuprinox Heater with Candle

Another beautiful item from Mauviel who are renowned for the manufacture of beautiful, functional copperware. This french family business is located in Villedieu-les-Poeles in Normandy and they have been producing their many different lines of high quality copper cookware for over 170 years.

The Mauviel Heater with Candle makes a lovely centrepiece for when you are next entertaining. But this is not only an elegant looking piece of copperware it is also efficient at keeping food warm.

The unit holds one of the small Mauviel saucepans and the candle provides a steady heat that keeps chocolate soft for dipping in strawberries, mango or banana slices; melted garlic butter for dipping in lobster tail meat or crab meat.

The warmer has two sturdy handles that let you carry the warmer even when it is hot.

The Mauviel Cuprinox Pour la Table Heater with Candle requires handwashing in warm soapy water

Where Can I Buy the Mauviel Warmer With Candle?

Mauviel Cuprinox Style M’Heritage Cookware Set – Copper Cookware Set

mauviel-cuprinox-style-mheritage-cookware-setIn 1830, Ernest Mauviel established the Mauviel copper manufacturing company in the Normandy village of Villedieu-les-Poêles,”the city of copper”, near Mont-Saint -Michel.

Mauviel products are of the highest quality and are made from copper, stainless steel or aluminum for professional chefs and now this same quality is available to the home cook.

The Mauviel Cuprinox M’heritage cookware set is manufactured from a combination of copper and stainless steel. The copper is an excellent for conducting heat, in fact it is twice as conductive as aluminum and ten times more conductive than stainless steel; while the stainless steel interior gives an excellent cooking surface that doesn’t interact with food and is easy to clean.

Copper cookware does take a little work to keep it looking bright and beautiful and it does require hand washing with a mild soap, but it is well worth it. Just imagine having this beautiful set on display in your home. Exquisite and functional – what more could you want.

The Mauviel Cuprinox Style M’Heritage 7 Pc. Set includes the following items:

  • 10-1/2″ Fry Pan
  • 1.3 qt. Sauce Pan with Lid
  • 2.6 qt. Sauce Pan with Lid
  • 3.1 qt. Saute Pan with Lid Copper
  • Plus a container of Copper Brill Cleaner

Where Can I Buy The Mauviel Cuprinox Style M’Heritage Cookware Set?

Fish Poacher – Copper – Retain the Full Flavour of Fish

mauviel-copper-fish-poacherThis copper Fish Poacher is made from solid copper and decorated with a solid brass decorative fish.

Poaching is a healthy way to cook fish and there is a stainless steel rack included which makes it easy for you to remove the fish once it is cooked.

This pan is fully lined so you are assured of being able to use it safely.

Poaching fish retains the simple flavor of good quality fish. You can add herbs and spices to the poaching water to enhance the flavor without overpowering it. I like to toss in some cloves of garlic, whole peppercorns, a few sprigs of parsley, about a 1/2 cup dry white wine, and a bay leaf into the liquid and let it steep for around twenty minutes before adding the fish.

Poaching fish is a technique that needs a little finesse on the part of the cook so that the fish doesn’t become a boiled , tasteless lump. After all when poaching fish the intention is that the liquid is discarded and not served with the fish, unlike braising the fish where the liquid is served as an accompaniment.

So the first thing to do is of course follow the manufacturers recommendations on using the fish poacher.

Where Can I Buy a Copper Fish Poacher?

Ruffoni Cookware – An Italian Family Tradition Of Copper Cookware

ruffoni-cookwareAnyone who loves copper cookware will fall in love with the beautiful range of Ruffoni Copper Cookware

The Ruffoni factory is in the Northern Italian town of Omegna, nestled on the shores of Lago D’ Orta. Doesn’t that sound beautiful, it just rolls of the tongue.

The Ruffoni family are old world craftspeople who have been making their copper cookware for generations and each piece is molded one piece at a time.

Ruffoni have  3 cookware collections:

The Ruffoni Copper Opera hammered tin lined cookware range is considered to be their most elegant line.

A traditional hammered finish is achieved by the copper being hand pounded by skilled craftspeople. This imparts an old world warmth and charm to these quality pans.

The Opera range has heavy copper pans with a hand applied fire-tinned lining making the  cookware  not only functional,but also beautiful. The polished brass handles are secured with wide rivets. Just a note – the pan and lids are sold separately.

Both the Ruffoni Classici & Protagonista ranges of cookware, such as the beautiful Copper Paella Dish have a smooth polished finish and are made from solid copper with a hand-applied fire-tinned interior.

The fire-tinned interior adds minimal weight and yet gives superior conductivity so that you can use a lower heat to achieve a uniform temperature in minimal time. Each pan has highly polished brass handles which are  well secured with wide rivets.

The Ruffino Cookware range is elegant and functional and will look great in any kitchen.