Enviro Friendly Recycled Glass Tumblers – Rosanna Set of 6 Mondo Etched Glassware

enviro-friendly-recycled-glass-tumblersMaybe you are looking for glassware that is a little different or maybe you are looking for an earth friendly gift for a housewarming or xmas present.

These beautiful Rosanna Mondo etched recycled  tumblers are made completely from 100% recycled glass in a small village in Mexico. Each tumbler is hand made – well they are actually mouth blown – and hand decorated by Mexican artisans using age old European traditions.

The revival of this age old technique produces glassware in a manner that is earth friendly, is beautiful and  creates much needed jobs in the Mexican Community

The great thing about these glass tumblers is that if you break a piece you can just recycle it. What could be better in today’s environmentally conscious world than creating an item that can be recycled, is sustainable, and makes the world a better place by creating jobs.

Not only are you doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint but a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the Mondo glass collections is donated to Doctors Without Borders. This is an organization that provides emergency care to areas hard hit by epidemics.

Hand washing recommended for these lovely tumblers and they are not suitable to use in the microwave.

Where Can I Buy the Enviromentally Friendly Rosanne Mondo Recycled Glass Tumblers?


Endurance Margarita Glasses Set of 2 Stainless Steel by RSVP

endurance-margarita-glasses-stainless-steel-glassesSo winter is headed our way and it will soon be time to rug up with spend the evenings in front of the fire with a nice mug of hot chocolate.

But who can forget the long hot summers spent by the pool sipping on an icy cold Margarita. Sounds heavenly, and it won’t be long before those hot summer days are back again.

It never hurts to be prepared and this set of two 18/10 stainless steel Endurance Margarita Glasses by RSVP is a good way to make sure you have the right glasses on hand to keep your margarita at just the right temperature for much longer than any ordinary glass.

Not only are these glasses functional but they are are very elegant with their polished interior and satin finish exterior.

How can a stainless steel glass be functional? I hear you say.  Well just think about it, these glasses can also be used for prawn cocktails or ice cream and strawberries, or ice cream and anything you like to serve with ice cream, in fact anything you want to keep cool while serving it in an individual glass..

These Endurance Margarita glasses by RSVP are designed for durability so you don’t have to be concerned about broken glass if one of these glasses is accidentally knocked over.

So don’t be caught short next summer when you entertain, buy up enough glasses to make sure every one has an elegant looking stainless steel glass to keep their drink icy cold.

Another plus feature is that the glasses are dishwasher safe.


Frozen Margarita

Where Can I Buy the Endurance Stainless Steel Margarita Glasses by RSVP?


The World’s Strongest Crystal Red Wine Stemware – Wine Glasses

the-worlds-strongest-crystal-red-wine-stemware-wine-glasses Are you tired of having your wine glasses break at the slightest tap?

With the  World’s Strongest Crystal Red Wine Stemware your wine glasses will last much longer because they are mate from titanium and zirconium rather than lead and the crystal has been tempered to fortify the rim and the stem against chipping and cracking.

With the worlds strongest crystal red wine stemware you no longer need to worry about the glasses breaking when you are hand drying them because these wine glasses are resistant to torque which of course is the most common cause breakage.  You know how it is, you twist the stem one way and the bowl the other and before you know it, the glass is in two pieces.

Because these elegant wine glasses are light permeable and transparent they clearly show the true colors of your red wine.

The bowl has been specially designed to give the optimal surface are for wine oxygenation while the narrow rim retains the ‘nose’ of both robust and soft wines.

The stemware is made in Parma, Italy and comes in a set of Six Red Wine Glasses.

Serve your wine in these glasses at your next party and you will be assured of having a full set of glasses at the end of the night regardless of how untidy your guests get.

Where Can I Buy the World’s Strongest Crystal Red Wine Stemware?

Sango Splash Goblets – Set of 4

sango-splash-gobletsWhy not buy a set of these lovely Sango Splash Goblets to compliment your Sango Splash dinner set.

Mind you with their shades of pale gold, these goblets can be matched to almost any dinner ware and they will look good. The glasses are sturdy enough for everyday use, so you don’t need to put them away in the cupboard to only bring out for dinner parties.

The stylish good looks of the Sango Splash Goblets make them look way more expensive that they are, so you are getting  a set of 4 very stylish glasses at a very reasonable price.

These 17 ounce goblets are made of glass so they are dishwasher safe.

These glasses would make an excellent gift for Christmas, a housewarming or engagement.

Where Can I Buy the Sango Splash Goblets?

Sango Splash Dinnerware Set – 16 pce

sango-splash-dinnerware-setIf you are looking for a dinner set with a finish that is a little different to the ordinary run of the mill range then why not take a look at the Sango Splash range of dinnerware.

This reasonably priced dinnerware would make a great starter set or an excellent gift for a housewarming or engagement.

Inspired by the pottery of Central Java, Indonesia,  the Sango Splash range of dinnerware is colored in natural, earthy tones  that are “splashed” together  to make interesting patterns of light and shade with contrasting matt and high gloss textures with each one overlaid on top of the other.

Because of the manner in which Sango Splash dinnerware is made you can expect to find variations in color and some minor surface irregularities, however, it is this natural finish that adds to the charm of these dinner sets.

Included in the dinnerset is four of each:

  • Dinner Plate (10.5-in.)
  • Salad Plate (7.5-in.),
  • Bowl (6.25-in.)
  • Mug (4-in. high

Where Can I Buy a Sango Splash Dinner Set?