Emile Henry Dinner Set – Urban Collection

emile-henry-dinner-setThis attractive  16-Piece Urban Dinnerware set is made in the Emile Henry factory which is in the Burgundy region in France. Burgundy clay is one of the purest forms of clay available.

The potters in the Emile Henry factory hand craft each piece of cookware and finish it off using a process called Ceradon. It is this process of manufacture that makes makes their cookware extremely durable. And as Burgundy clay does on contain any lead or cadmium it is ideal for baking and serving ware.

This 4 piece dinner set by Emile Henry is part of the Urban collection which has vibrant , bright colors and will blend in nicely with any of the Couleurs collection pieces. Because the pieces are so robust and resistant to breaking or crazing they are ideal for everyday use.

The plates have a nice thick rim which helps prevent food from falling from the plate plus it adds a stylish finish.

The set includes.

  • 4 – 11 inch dinner plates
  • 4 – 8 inch salad plates
  • 4 – 9 inch in diameter soup/pasta bowls
  • 4 – 12-oz mugs.

The set is also available in the following color: white

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The Emile Henry Pie Dish

emile-henry-pie-dishIf you want good quality ceramic cookware then you can’t go past the Emile Henry line of cookware which has been in existence since 1850 and to this day the factory is still owned and operated by the Henry family.

The Emile Henry pie dish is just another finely crafted ceramic cookware piece made from the rich clay found in the French province of Burgundy. The Emile Henry pie dish is available in a range of sizes from the individual 5 inch serve to the 12 inch family sized pie dish.

This beautiful ceramic cookware is suitable to put in the freezer, refrigerator, microwave and a conventional oven, plus it can be placed quite safely under the broiler.

Emile Henry 12-in. Provencale Le Grand Pie Dish, CeriseEmile Henry ceramic, heats evenly and is able to maintain hot temperatures for a long while and as it is classy enough to serve at the table, you are assured that your food will remain hot while waiting to be served.

The Emile Henry pie dish is covered with a smooth glaze which is extremely strong, will not fade or craze over time, is resistant cracking or chipping, food will not stick, it is very easy to clean and it is dishwasher safe. In fact your Emile Henry pie dish can go straight from freezer to oven. This is amazing as you would expect any ceramic dish to crack under this sort of pressure.

You can cut directly onto the surface of Emile Henry pie dish without scratching or damaging the surface.

We love the Emile Henry cookware range because it is durable, functional and looks great.

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Casual Classy Entertaining With an Emile Henry Fondue Set

emile-henry-fondue-setIf you love to entertain then having a friends over to share a few wines and a cheese fondue is great fun. And if you have two fondue sets you can also serve a melted chocolate fondue with an assortment of fruits such as strawberries, pineapple and bananas to dip into the chocolate.

This stylish looking ceramic Emile Henry fondue Set is made in France from clay gathered in Burgundy and it is the high quality of this clay that lends itself to producing the vibrant colors synonymous with Emile Henry ceramic cookware.

You will find that the ceramic heats evenly and maintains its heat for a long time so you and your friends can relax and enjoy the fondue without rushing.

Apart from the deep rich colors, you will find that the smooth glaze coating of the Emile Henry – 2.6 Qt. Flame Top Cheese Fondue Set stops the cheese or chocolate from sticking so clean up is really easy plus the pot can be popped in the dishwasher. The glaze is also resistant to scratches from knives and forks etc.

To add some zing to your fondue, rub the inside of the fondue pot with garlic for a flavor punch before adding your favorite cheese. Prepare your fondue in the kitchen and then place it on the table over the burner. The heat from the clay keeps the cheese thick and smooth.

Please note: the fondue is not suitable for use on induction stovetops.

The set includes:

  • 2.6 Qt. fondue pot
  • 6 stainless steel forks
  • stand and burnerEmile Henry Set of 6  Flame Top Fondue Fork Set, Stainless Steel

And extra forks are available if you have more than 6 guests.

These stainless steel forks are designed for use with the Emile Henry fondue set.

They are also dishwasher safe.

Emile Henry Butter Pot – Couleurs Collection

emile-henry-butter-potFor those people who prefer the taste of butter over margarine, there is often the problem of keeping the butter spreadable.

If you love spreading fresh soft butter on your toast, muffins or even vegetables then the Emile Henry Butter Pot is the answer as it lets you store softened butter at room temperature.

How does this work? It is very easy, you simply keep fresh cool water in the base of the pot. The lid of the butter pot can be inverted to sit on the table or counter top when you are serving. Just make sure you pack the butter in firmly to create a good seal.

Each piece of Emile Henry cookware is made from one of the purest of clays available – the local Burgundy Clay in France, where the Emile Henry Factory is situated.

This clay has no lead content and is considered to be one of the best materials for you baking and for serving. This clay produces a vibrant color to the finished product. As seen here with the bright Citron color.

This beautiful but functional Emile Henry Coleurs butter pot is also available in:

  • Azur – Blue
  • Blanc – White
  • Vert – Green

Where Can I Buy an Emile Henry Coleurs Butter Pot?

Emile Henry Flame – Top Tagine

emile-henry-flame-top-tagineTagine refers to both the cooking vessel and the dishes made with it.

This beautiful ceramic tagine introduced a whole new line of cookware from Emile Henry. Two years went into developing the innovative Flame-top line and the tagine was one of the first pieces perfected.

The tagine is made from glazed clay and features a distinctive  hat like lid that allows the steam to circulate inside.

The entire range of Flame-Top ceramic cookware has exceptional heat resistance and versatility. These pieces can be used directly on a gas flame, electric or halogen burner without the use of a diffuser.

There are many recipes available to get you started with your beautiful tagine, but keep in mind that Moroccan cooking allows for you to be totally imaginative and it won’t be long before you are creating your own free thinking fabulous meals.

There are a number of tasty tagine recipes on the Group Recipes website including this one for Moroccan Lamb Tangine.

I have one of these in the beautiful deep purple color and I use my tagine regularly as I love how it retains the flavours and the meat is always so juicy and tender.

Emile Henry Tagines come in a wide range of colors and sizes so there is sure to be one to suit your decor and the size of your family.

Their tagines are so lovely you will be quite happy bringing it to the table to serve from.

The Emile Henry Tagine is available from: