Wusthof Hollow Edge 8in Chefs Knife Review

wusthof-hollow-edge-8in-chefs-knifeWusthof are well known for the quality of their knives. This Wusthof Hollow Edge 8in Chefs knife is hand forged in Germany by skilled craftsmen. This is quality at its best.

The knife is made of high carbon steel and honed by hand and is made to be perfectly balanced.

The whole point of the hollow edge knife is to make it easier to cut paper thin slices of food. It stops food from sticking to the blade. So this makes it particularly good for cutting meat.

This knife received extremely good reviews on the net so it is definitely recommended.

What We Like

  • The handles are fully riveted for strength and durability.
  • The tang runs the full length of the knife. This is the sign of a good quality knife. (The tang is the part of the blade that runs into the handle.)
  • These are very sharp knives.
  • Lifetime warranty.

What We Don’t Like

  • This knife is not dishwasher safe.
  • This is a little expensive for a knife but if you are looking for quality then you will get it with this knife.

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Sushi Knife Review: Shun Yanagiba Sushi and Slicing Knife

sushi-knifeThis sushi knife is the ideal knife for slicing sashimi, sushi and soft raw fish but is just as equally good at cutting meat and poultry.

These knives are forged in Japan using one piece of Japanese forged high carbon steel and are extremely sharp.

This knife is designed specifically so that it doesn’t bruise and damage food which is especially important when you are slicing raw fish.

What We Like

  • This sushi knife comes with free lifetime sharpening by the manufacturer.
  • The handle is a stylish ebony Pakkawood which is made from layers of white birchwood and resin for added strength.
  • This is one sharp knife that will make cutting raw fish easy.
  • This knife comes with a lifetime warranty.

What We Don’t Like

This knife is only suitable for right handers


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Henckels Steak Knives Review: Henckels International Classic Steak Knife Set

henckels-international-classic-steak-knife-setBefore we get into this review it might be worth noting that there are two different brands of Henckels knives. The Premium brand is made in Germany and the International brand of knives are manufactured in other countries. So for this set of knives you might find that they are actually manufactured in Spain. The steel is also of a lesser standard than the steel used in the German made products.

What this comes down to is that the products are cheaper and the quality is not as good as the German made products. This isn’t to say that you are getting poor quality, just a lesser quality but this is reflected in the price. If you want the best you are going to have to pay for it and purchase from the German made Henckels brand.

The Henckels International Steak Knife Set is still a good quality set of knives and you will have years of use from them. The blades are sharp and you should have no problem cutting through even the thickest of steaks.

What We Like

  • The handles of these knives are a hard plastic and are triple riveted for strength and durability.
  • Most reviewers have commented that the knives can cut through even tough meats easily.

What We Don’t Like

  • This set seems a bit pricey for a set of steak knives but then you are purchasing a quality brand.
  • Some have complained that handles on these knives are a little small.

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Calphalon Katana Series Knives

calphalon-katana-series-knivesCalphalon have introduced the Katana series of knives.

And it seems that everyone who buys one of these knives, love them and just can’t say enough good things about  them.

For instance users found the Calphalon 7-in. Katana Series Slicing Knife to be a great all round knife that is ideal for  slicing super thin deli like slices of meat, poultry as well as being perfectly useful for the doing wider cuts of meat that are ideal for entrees.

The Calphalon Katana Series slicing knife with ‘Kullens’ or indentations is ideal for all your slicing requirements.  And when you have the weekend roast, the slicing knife has a sharp tip that is ideal for separating meat from the bone.

The  kullens along the knife edge reduce friction and prevent food from sticking to the blade.

This excellent quality knife is made from  high-carbon stainless steel so it wont rust but if you should have any problems with the manufacturing, you have the peace of mind of a lifetime guarantee.

Masahiro Knives MVH Review: Are They Worth the Price?

Masahiro-knifeA good kitchen knife is probably one of the most important utensils you need to  own as either a professional or a home cook. It will truly make a difference to your effectiveness and efficiency in preparing meals apart from the fact that a good quality knife is  just being a joy to use.

One brand that you may like to consider is the Masahiro MVH brand of knives which are made with quality and precision and in fact they are thought to be one of the best brand of Japanese knives on the market.

The Mashahiro MVH knives are produced by Masahiro Co Ltd in Seki Japan, which is considered to be one of the best manufacturers of knives in Japan. They are made for Sointu USA and imported by Global Knives for the US market and aren’t we glad they are.


The cutting edge is asymmetrical and has 80% of the cutting edge on the right side of the blade and 20% cutting edge on the left hand side.

The right hand side of the blade is beveled to an edge and then polished to a mirror finish while the left side is flat.

Because the knives have this tapered edge you will find that there is a smooth action when you slice  through food. This is because the pressure is placed on the food and not against your fingers.
Masahiro MVH knives are not only lightweight but they are also perfectly balanced. Just what you need in a knife and just what you would expect in a knife of such high quality.

Another feature  is the handle which is riveted to a very wide tang, its almost the width of the handle and this gives added strength to the handle.

 So What do We Like?

  • These Masahiro knives are made from high quality MBS-26 Stainless Steel. No we don’t know what that means either, but apparently the steel is treated in three stages until it reaches optimum hardness for a kitchen knife.
  • They are sharp and cut easily with precision.
  • These knives are lightweight and well balanced.
  • The handle is securely riveted and made from a composite plastic which is durable and long lasting.

What We Don’t Like

  • Well nothing really. These are top quality knives that perform well.

Our Recommendation

If you want the best of the best then you can’t go past these Masahiro Knives. You won’t be disappointed.

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