Kyocera Knives – Light – Sharp -Easy to Use

kyocera-knivesNow this is a novel. These Kyocera knives from Japan are made from ceramic and have a resin handle which gives you an excellent grip.

The knives are lightweight and are perfectly balanced.

The zirconium oxide blade is resistant to chemical corrosion and will hold its edge for months and even years without requiring any sharpening. In fact these knives hold their edge for much longer than steel.

Because Kyocera Knives are made from ceramic the blade is not affected by the food acids that discolor steel blades. So you will find that the blade is stain and rust resistant and the non-stick ceramic surface means that clean up is easy – always a plus.

Kyocera Knives
have a five year limited warranty against breakage which does not cover cutting through bones, prying things open or flexing.

However, in one of the reviews I read for this knife, the chap had made use of the Kyocera knife sharpening service and he was very happy with the service and his knife came back as good as new. He also stated that he had chipped the knife by cutting through a chicken backbone so he knew that  the fault was his. Still, it is certainly good to know that Kyocera have a sharpening service so that you can keep your knives in tip top condition if the need for sharpening arises.

Everyone who has purchased one of these knives can’t speak highly enough of them, and most say that these knives will cut through just about anything like butter.
And what a great gift idea and talking point.