Rachael Ray from 6 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set with Bamboo Knife Block

Rachael Ray Cutlery Set & Knife Block
I can’t help but like the range of Rachael Ray cooking products. They are fun, colorful and unique. But what I really like is that in most cases some thought has gone into the manufacturer of them. This is not always found in celebrity cooking products as they can often be manufactured just to get something out there quickly to take advantage of the popularity of the celebrity. From the many reviews we have done of Rachael Ray products we have, in most cases, found them to be good quality and excellent value for money.

The Rachael Ray 6pce Japanese stainless Steel Knife set in it’s bamboo knife block is another in the Rachael Ray line and again some thought has gone into the construction. Rachael Ray has  put together t a quality set of knives that any home cook would be proud to own.

The knives are strong and durable and ergonomically designed to provide a good grip and easy cutting style. they have the signature orange grippy handles.

The set comes with everything you would need. The bamboo knife block is included so your knives can be protected and stored safely.

What’s Included:

  • 8-in. Chef Knife
  • 8-in. Slicer Knife
  • 8-in Bread Knife
  • 5-in. Santoku
  • 3.5-in. Paring Knife
  • Knife Block

What We Like:

  • The handle of these knives are made from a durable synthetic rubber which ensures a good grip when cutting and slicing.
  • Each knife is made from quality Japanese Stainless Steel.
  • This is a good value for money set.

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Rachael Ray Cast Iron Round Grill Pan

This handy Rachael Ray Cast Iron Grill Pan measures 11 inches and has deep grooves on the cooking area. This feature gives your steaks the characteristic look with the grill lines seared into the surface.

The grooves also mean healthy cooking as the fat drips away from the food into the base of the pan.

Because the pan is made from cast iron it heats quickly and evenly and as the interior has a porcelain enameled surface you don’t have to pre season the pan before using it.

Because the sides of the Rachael Ray Cast Iron Cast Iron Grill Pan are quite deep, you will find that stovetop splatter is reduced when you are searing your steaks or grilling hamburgers.

The raised ridges of the cooking surface gives your steaks the charactistic marking of grilled food while allowing the fat to drip into the bottom of the pan. So you are getting a healthier result from your cooking.

You can use it for a number of uses and it can be taken from the stovetop or oven to the table.

The pan is made from Cast Iron which gives you even heating and as we know, cast iron has excellent heat retention.  And unlike raw cast iron, this pan has an enamel finish which means you don’t need to pre-season or re-season it after use. As with all cast iron you should wash it and dry it straight away after use.

The handle is also made from heavy cast iron and has a hole at the end so that you can hang it from your pot rack.

NOTE: This grill pan is NOT RECOMMENDED for use with glass/ceramic cooking surfaces.

The Rachael Ray Cast iron grill pan measures 7.9″H x 13.4″W x 19.6″D   

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Rachael Ray Hipster Bowls

Rachael Ray makes everyday a fun day with her innovative cookware and kitchen accessories.

Her entire range of practical, functional and durable products are made with in such a great range of shapes, sizes and fun  to have colors.

And this set of Rachael Ray Hipster large serving bowls is no exception.

These bowls are ideal when you are entertaining as you can use them to serve finger food, salad, chips, popcorn and other tasty nibbles.

The Rachael Ray hipster serving  bowls nest inside each other so they store neatly in the pantry.  They are made of sturdy melamine and  you can even pop them in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Rachael has two sets of these handy, functional hipster serving bowls available.

Rachael Ray 3-pc. Hipster Small Serving Bowls, Assorted
The large set consists of  three bowls:

  • Red bowl: 10-in.
  • Orange bowl: 8-in.
  • Yellow bowl: 6-in

The smaller set consists of three bowls:

  • Yellow bowl 1.5 cups
  • Orange bowl: 1 cup
  • Red bowl: 0.5 cup

So why not buy a set of each so that you have all your party serving needs covered.

Where can I buy the Rachael Ray Hipster Serving Bowls?

Rachael Ray from Furi Pro Knife Sharpening System

rachael-ray-from-furi-pro-knife-sharpening-systemRachael Ray has combined with Furi to create a tech knife sharpening system that restores keen edges to straight blade kitchen knives.

The knife sharpening system involves threee stages:

1. The Edge Restorer – This uses tungsten carbide cutters to reshape worn edges. This can be adjusted for different cutting edge angles.

2. Diamond Fingers Sharpener – This is a set of six stainless steel spring fingers which are bonded with crushed industrial diamonds. This stage is only required initially to reshapen worn knives and then required maybe once or twice a year after that.

3. Tech Hone Fingers – This ensures the correct edge finish is created and hones the blade to the ultimate in sharpness.

Each of the three pieces can be easily mounted in the slot to allow quick changes between each of the three stages mentioned above.

The Rachael Ray from Furi Pro Knife Sharpening System has been rated extremely well by consumers on the internet.

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Rachael Ray Kitchen Tools Accessories – Pastry Brush Set

rachael-ray-kitchen-tools-pastry-brush-setThese handy pastry brushes have thick silicone bristles attached to the nylon handles.

One thing I love about the Rachael Ray 2-pc. Nylon Tools Pastry Brush Set is that you don’t end up with bits of brush bristles in you food.

I always found that to be frustrating when I had my old paint brush style pastry brush.

The silicone bristles let you spread on thick marinades while you can also use them for spreading melted butter onto filo pastry.

These brushes can also be used on you grill without any problems. They are easy to clean and you can simply pop them in the dishwasher. Another plus is that they keep their shape.

The Rachael Ray Pastry Brush set consists of 2 brushes:

  • one round pastry brush
  • one rectangular pastry brush.