Tadpole Young Cooks Cutting Set by Rachael Ray from Furi

tadpole-young-cooks-cutting-set-by-rachael-ray-from-furiHow cute is this? If you have a budding cook in the family then this set is a perfect way of teaching your child how to cut foods safely.

The Tadpole Young Cooks Cutting Set is part of the Rachael Ray from Furi range of products.

As with any Rachael Ray product you know you are going to get a fun colorful product but on the other hand this set is good quality.

What’s Included

  • Tadpole knife
  • Reversible cut resistant glove
  • Blade guard

What We Like

  • This is a great way of teaching little kids good knife control in the kitchen.
  • This is not a toy and is quite good quality.
  • The glove is woven with stainless steel threads to reduce cuts.

What We Don’t Like

  • The cut resistant glove comes in one size only.

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Bare aluminum can react with foods and being a soft metal can easily dent and scratch. You may also find that if you leave salty liquids in the pan for an extended period that pitting can occur. For this reason, most aluminum cookware today goes through a process of anodization which provides a strong durable product.

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