Rachael Ray Tea Kettle – Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow and Red Tea Kettles

Tea Lovers Rejoice!!

Rachael Ray has just introduced two styles of tea kettle to her already extensive range of kitchen products. The Rachael Ray Tea Kettle is bold, fun and unique which is nothing new when it comes to her products. I really like her style and I like this teakettle.

The exterior of the tea kettle is made from a porcelain on stainless steel and it has an almost glossy look…nice! It is also easy to clean.

This teakettles comes in a 2 quart and a 1½ quart size, and they are available in colors that beautifully match Rachael’s cookware sets and kitchen utensils sets so  anyone who already owns her range of products in a particular color will find a teakettle that will blend in nicely.

The teakettle whistles when the water boils so you shouldn’t have any problems with the kettle burning out if you forget that it is sitting on the stove.

Rachael-Ray-tea-Kettle-blueThis is a 2 quart kettle so if I do my calculation here…actually I am using Google to do it….and we convert that to cups you are looking at an 8 cup kettle which is a fairly decent size.

The lid is  removable making it easy to fill the tea kettle up and when you are ready to pour you simply push the lever on the handle forward and the spout pops up.

I really like the shape of this Rachael Ray tea kettle. It’s nice and compact and just looks good.

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REVIEW: Rachael Ray 12 inch Hard Anodized Orange Skillet

rachael-ray-12-inch-hard-anodized-orange-skilletThe Rachael Ray hard anodized range of cookware is extremely popular and not only because she has a legion of fans who will buy anything she promotes. It’s popular because, for the money, it is really good quality.

Not only that, it is unique with its colorful trim and odd sizes and shapes. It’s basically a fun addition to any kitchen but it also does the job intended extremely well.

The Rachael Ray 12-Inch Hard Anodized Orange Skillet is made from hard anodized aluminum which means quick heating and even cooking. You won’t have those annoying hot spots on the surface of the pan where one part of your meal is burnt and the other undercooked. Foods will cook evenly which means you will have much better cooking results.

The surface is nonstick so foods will release easily and clean up is nice and easy. This set is not dishwasher safe so this is important.

The handles are made from stainless steel but have a silicone handle.  These ensure that you have a good grip and the pan won’t slip from your fingers.

The pan is oven safe to 400F and this includes those silicone handles so this makes it a great pan for transferring straight from the stove top to the oven without having to transfer the contents into an oven proof dish.

Overall, this Rachael Ray skillet has received exceptional reviews on the net by consumers. The only downside I can see with this skillet is that the color may not suit everyone.

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Rachael Ray Stainless Steel 10 Pce Cookware Set

rachael-ray-stainless-steel-10-pce-cookware-setRachael Ray products are exceptional value and this 10 pce Stainless Steel Cookware Set is no exception.

This set includes all the basic pieces that you need to get you started, so it is ideal if you are just starting out and setting up your kitchen.

The Rachael Ray 10-pc. Stainless Steel Cookware Set is durable and has an attractive satin stainless steel finish, and a full cap base of aluminum which guarantees you fast even heating without hot spots.

With the pieces of cookware included in this set you will have all your cooking methods covered from whisking up a sauce, cooking your oatmeal or scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Then there is the big stockpot for when you want to make soups or stews in the winter, or for when you want to cook up a meal of pasta.

There are also the skillets which are probably the most used pan in the kitchen for when you want to make pancakes, cook steak or even a grilled sandwich for lunch.

And then there is the saute pan, which  is one of the pans that I mostly use, because it can be used like a skillet but because it has deep sides it is perfect for making one dish meals like risotto. Another great feature of the Saute pan is that you can start your meal by sautéing the onions and garlic,  browning the meat, then adding your liquid and other ingredients into the same pan and finish cooking the meal on the stovetop or in the oven.

This classy Rachael Ray Stainless Steel 10 pce Cookware Set has stainless steel handles that have the “Grippy” silicone combination that makes them comfortable and easy to hold. And the handles are double riveted to the pan so you are assured that they will stay firmly attached to the pan.

The set is oven safe to 400 ° F,  it can be used on all stove tops and it is easy to clean up in the dishwasher.

This fabulous Rachael Ray 10-pc. Stainless Steel Set includes the following:

  • 1.5-qt. Covered Sauce Pan
  • 3-qt. Covered Sauce Pan
  • 8-qt. Covered Stockpot
  • 8-in. French Skillet
  • 10-in. French Skillet
  • 3-qt. Covered Saute Pan

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REVIEW: Rachael Ray Hard Anodized 15in Oval Grill Pan

rachael-ray-hard-anodized-oval-grill-panI’m a big fan of Rachael Ray cookware. It’s excellent value for money and a lot of thought has gone into the design. For the home cook, it is definitely cookware that we recommend.

The Rachael Ray 15-Inch Hard Anodized Orange Oval Grill Pan is a unique design with its oval shape allowing you more room on your stove top.

The cooking surface has raised ridges which makes for perfect grilling and ensures that the  fat and juices drain away from your meats so that it doesn’t stew. It really is a healthy way to cook.

What We Like

  • It’s oven safe to 400F.
  • The 18/10 stainless steel handle has a  silicone cover that is comfortable and provides a secure, comfortable grip.
  • It has a nonstick surface which makes clean up a lot easier.
  • The hard anodized aluminum means quick and even heating.
  • The pan has deep sides that help to reduce splatter when you are searing steaks or cooking bacon.

Other Things to Consider

  • It’s not suitable for ceramic or glass stove tops.
  • It’s not dishwasher safe.

The Rachael Ray oval grill pan makes a excellent addition to your range of cookware.

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The Marvellous Rachael Ray Moppine – A Must Have For all Cooks

What is the Rachael Ray Moppine?

Well here is just another innovative idea from Rachael Ray, the set of 3  Rachael Ray Moppine Oven Mitts.

And just what is a moppine?, I hear you ask. Well, a Moppine is an all-in-one oven mitt and kitchen towel.

Each moppine has pot holders built into two of the corners so you can protect your hands from the heat by using the oven mitts which are padded and lined with terry fabric. Then you simply use the kitchen towel section to wipe down your cutting board or kitchen bench top.

Talk about saving time – you don’t have to fossick around looking for a pot mitt, it is simply there as you need it, attached to your kitchen wipe. There is also a tag to hang your moppine somewhere handy so that it is always in easy reach.

The Rachael Ray Moppine Oven Mitts are made from a waffle weave fabric which makes them super absorbent.

When the time comes to clean the moppine, simply wash it in the washing machine, you can use a non chlorine bleach if you think it is needed and then pop them in the dryer.

The Moppine is one of those kitchen accessory must haves for anyone who spends a lot of time cooking.

They are available in sets of three of the same color as follows:

The Rachael Ray Moppine is one of those kitchen accessories that you will wonder how you ever managed without it.