What Size Cookware Set Do You Need!

What size cookware set do you need? There really isn’t a simple answer. It all depends on the size of your family, your familiarity in the kitchen and your own personal cooking choices. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming though. There are a few simple items that any well-equipped kitchen needs.

A skillet or frying pan is essential to any kitchen. This multifunctional piece of cookware is great for whipping up a batch of scrambled eggs or a great red wine reduction.

The next item needed is a small deep-dish pot, just something big enough to hold a couple of quarts of liquid. This pot is great for heating up a small batch of soup or stew.

After the small pot you’ll probably want a few more of different sizes.  Shoot for 2 or 3 in larger sizes

A stockpot is needed as well if you’re feeding a large group of people or if you just like to whip up big batches of vegetables or cook up some lobster.

As long as you’re picking up a stockpot might as well also grab a strainer insert for it. This lets you cook up a pot of pasta and just pull it out when it’s done no messy straining.

Looking back at pans in addition to the frying pan you’ll need a pan with taller sides, commonly referred to as a chef’s pan. The higher slanted sides make it great for stir-fry.

These are the basics. If you’re a bit more adventurous you can pick up grills, griddles, various sized pots, double boilers, you name it. There’s a piece of cookware for any need.

All you need to get started though are a couple pans, a few different sized pots and a stockpot. You can find sets made out of any material any price range