The Presto Best Buy EverSharp Knife Sharpener

presto-eversharp-knife-sharpenerHaving blunt kitchen knives is no joke.

Not only do they make slicing and cutting more difficult, you are more likely to end up cutting yourself. This is because the knife is more likely to slip and cut you instead of slicing cleanly through the meat.

With the Presto Best Buy Ever-Sharp Electric Knife Sharpener you will no longer have the problem of blunt knives as this system gives you an easy way to automatically sharpen all your kitchen and sporting knives to a razor sharp edge.

This Presto best buy EverSharp electrice knife sharpener uses Sapphirite sharpening wheels-which is the same ultrahard material that is used in professional sharpening shops

The two stage system – In stage 1, the  no-guess blade guides automatically hold the knife in the ideal sharpening position for perfect sharpening as the knife is drawn slowly towards you, and then in stage 2, the system finely hones and polishes the knife edge to produce a perfect cutting surface.

You can sharpen knives made of alloy, carbon, or stainless steel and you can also use this sharpener on non-electric serrated knives providing that they are only serrated on one side.

Note: it is perfectly normal for sparks to fly when knives of high carbon steel come in contact with the Sapphirite wheels.

The three suction cups on the bottom  hold the sharpener securely in place on a table or countertop, and there are two receptacles underneath the sharpener which catch the metal filings so you can easily dispose of them.

Where Can I Buy the Presto Best Buy EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener?

The Sephra Home Fondue & Chocolate Fountain

sephra-home-fondue-and-chocolate-fountainRecently Paula and I were at a function where we were seated right next to a table with a Chocolate Fountain. The table was set with a variety of fruits and other delicious items such as bananas, strawberries, marshmallows, dried apricots, watermelon, mango and a number of other foods that I just can’t recall, skewers and napkins.

Over the course of the evening, women would venture to the table and filled with remorse and guilt, they would partake of the chocolate fountain.

What is it about us women, we can’t just stroll in, see the chocolate fountain, say “oh yum” and just eat. Men wouldn’t think twice about it, but every woman who came over commented on how wonderful it was but that her waistline, hips etc would suffer and she would have to spend an extra hour at the gym or walking.

Well Paula, who is one of those women who struggles to put on weight, had no trouble enjoying the chocolate, and I have to say there are times when I am a bit past caring and this was one of them.  The strawberries were succulent and when coated in chocolate they were divine. What more can I say.

Well you can serve the same decadent feast at your party or when you just feel like being naughty with the Sephra Chocolate Fondue Fountain.This is the ultimate accessory for the chocolate fondue lover. Not only does this baby have an elegant style, it also has a whisper quiet motor, so it makes an unobtrusive accompaniment to your get together.

And the Sephra Home Chocolate Fondue Fountain is not limited to chocolate. No way! You can also create a cascading curtain of caramel, cheese, barbecue sauce in fact this chocolate fountain is suitable for most of your favorite dipping sauces.

What We Like: ( apart from the chocolate)

  • The removable basin  is dishwasher safe.

  • The Quick Set tiers let you set up, and take down the fountain quickly and easily for cleaning and storage.

  • There are dishwasher-safe parts.

  • Electronic controls have 4 temperature settings so you can enjoy hot or cold fondues

  • The fountain has a WhisperQuiet motor

  • There are 6 color-coded fondue skewers

So there you go, it doesn’t matter what the occasion is, your  Sephra Home Fondue & Chocolate Fountain will be the highlight of your party when you entertain your family and friends with the ultimate fondue experience.

Read the reviews of others who get a great deal of enjoyment from their Sephra Home Fondue & Chocolate Fountain at Amazon.

And why not buy your chocolate online,  in bulk from It will certainly save you money.

Where Can I Buy the Sephra Home Fondue & Chocolate Fountain?

Fit & Fresh Healthy Food Combo Box for Lunch on the Go Plus Bonus Chilled Shaker

fit-n-fresh-food-combo-box-chilled-shakerDecisions, decisions life is full of them.

Can’t decide what to have  for lunch – a sandwich or a salad? Well now you can comfortably take one or the other, or if you are really hungry both. Because the Fit N Fresh Healthy Food Container Combo Pack includes the Lunch on the Go which is just right for taking a healthy, tasty sandwich for morning tea and the Salad Shaker with the separate dressing dispenser so that you can take a scrumptious salad for lunch.

Both these items have a removable ice pack which keeps your food fresh and chilled until you are ready to eat.

Now when you purchase the Fit & Fresh Healthy Food Container Combo Pack you will also receive a free Chilled Shaker.

So you will also be able to take your favorite protein shake or flavored drink with you when you are on the go.

  • The Fit & Fresh Healthy Food Combo Box for Lunch on the Go is easy to clean and can be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher (except for the ice packs)
  • The Fit & Fresh Breakfast on the Go can be placed in the freezer and the microwave (DO NOT microwave the ice packs)
  • The Fit & Fresh Breakfast on the Go is made from food safe plastic and meets FDA regulations for food use
  • Where Can I Buy Fresh Healthy Food Combo Box for Lunch on the Go plus the Bonus Chilled Shaker?

    Sanyo HPS-SG3 Smokeless Electric Indoor Barbeque Grill

    sanyo-smokeless-electric-indoor-bbq-grillThe Sanyo Smokeless Electric Indoor Barbeque Grill is no longer available

    The Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill  is a comparable product.


    The Sanyo HPS-SG3 200-Square-Inch Electric Indoor Barbeque Grill is a great way of barbecuing indoors but the best thing about it is that it is smokeless. Well at least it is almost smokeless.

    It is pretty hard to have an open grill and not expect it to create smoke at some point particularly if you like your steaks burnt to a cinder. But with this grill what you can do to almost eliminate the smoke is just fill up the drip tray with water. When the excess fat drips into it the water eliminates the amount of smoke that would be produced. Pretty neat huh?

    This is a pretty large grill with a surface area of 200sq inches so you will be able to fit quite a bit of food on this one. It’s also nonstick so clean up will be a lot easier and the drip pan is dishwasher safe.

    The temperature is adjustable so you can control the heat nicely with this barbeque grill although the notches for the temperatures aren’t precise so you may be guessing as to the exact temperature you have set it to.

    Overall this grill has received exceptional reviews on the net and for the price this is a bargain.

    Want to Read Reviews?

    You can read reviews for the Sanyo Smokeless Indoor Barbecue Grill at Amazon

     Product no longer available

    Fit N Fresh Smart Portion Prep and Pack Tray – Organize Your Meals

    fit-n-fresh-smart-portion-prep-and-pack-trayAs an extension to the Fit n Fresh Smart Portion™ Preparation Center you will find that the Fit n Fresh Smart Portion Prep and Pack Tray is ideal.

    So after you have weighed and measure the correct portions of food for each meal you simply pop the portions into the Fit n Fresh Smart Portion™ containers and then put the filled containers into in your refrigerator.

    This helps you to have easy access to your meals and keep your food organized during the week.  Using the Smart Portion Prep Center and the Smart Portion Prep and Pack Tray ensures that you have all  the correct portions of your favorite foods on hand so that you can maintain your diet and healthy eating.

    The containers all come with lids and the trays can be stacked so that you can have plenty of pre packaged meals on hand.

    Features of the Fit n Fresh Smart Portion Prep and Pack Tray:

    • The handy prep and pack station comes with three 2 cup containers, two 1 cup containers and two 1/2 cup containers.
    • The containers include measurement markings on the sides to ensure that you are storing the proper portions.
    • All of the containers and the lids are stackable
    • The tray keeps all your food portions in one place for easy access
    • All Fit & Fresh™ products are easy to clean and can be placed in the top rack dishwasher safe
    • The tray can be place in the freezer and the microwave
    • All Fit & Fresh™ products are made from food grade plastic that meets FDA regulations

    Maintaining your diet and healthy eating habits is easy with the Fit n Fresh Smart Portion Prep Center and the Fit n Fresh Smart Portion Prep and Pack Tray.

    Where Can I Buy Fit N Fresh Smart Portion Prep and Pack Tray ?