The Best Thermal Carafe

the-best-thermal-carafeDid you know that thermal technology was pioneered 93 years ago by Carl Zitzmann?  Well the one liter, Best Thermal Carafe is based on his original design and is produced in Wertheim, Germany.

Regardless of whether you want hot water or cold water on hand you will find that the best thermal carafe is ideal. It keeps the water hot or cold for up to 4 hours.

So you can make up your coffee in the carafe and know that you will have a satisfying hot drink on hand ready to pour into your cup or you can have a nice chilled drink of fruit juice or water ready  to quench your thirst on a hot day.

The Best Thermal Carafe has a double walled  glass liner and vacuum insulation which gives it optimal hot and cold retention. It is ergonomically designed for easy pouring as you can hold the handle, while opening the hinged lid with the same hand. It has a 2″ diameter opening so you can fill the carafe easily.

Apart from being functional and durable, the best thermal carafe also looks good and the chrome plated brass exterior simply wipes clean.

Where Can I Buy the Best Thermal Carafe?

Review: Starbucks Barista Aroma Solo Monique Coffee Maker

starbucks-barista-aroma-solo-monique-coffee-makerThe Starbucks Barista Aroma Solo Monique Coffee Maker is a neat idea. Just brew up your coffee in the tumbler and then take it with you.

This is perfect for those on the go but it will also work well if you are single or are the only coffee drinker in your home.

The tumbler itself takes up to 16 fl oz (473ml) and keeps coffee hot for up to 2 hours.

What We Like

  • It has a 24 hour pre-programmable function which means you can set your coffee maker to have your coffee ready for you when you wake up in the morning.
  • When the brew is ready an alarm will go off and the timer will display a count down of the time since the coffee was brewed.

What We Don’t Like

  • The tumbler has to be fitted in the right spot before it will start brewing.
  • The tumbler is not dishwasher safe.

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Review: Breville Die Cast Panini Grill and BBQ

breville-die-cast-panini-grill-and-bbqYou don’t need to have those fun barbecues during summer with the Breville Die-Cast Panini Grill and BBQ . You can be grilling everyday of the year.

The grill has two plates – a ribbed plate and a flat plate and can be folded out flat so that you can use both plates at once for barbecue purposes.

When using as a close grill, the top lid can be height adjusted to up to six different settings. So you can have more pressure on certain foods than others.

breville-panini-and-barbecue-grill.JPGWhat We Like

  • The drip tray is dishwasher safe.
  • Brushed stainless steel body.
  • A light is lit when the grill hits the desired temperature.
  • It has a tilt function for low fat cooking as it directs the juices into a drip tray.
  • It includes a recipe book.
  • You can control the temperature -350F – 450F.
  • The non-stick surface is great for low fat cooking.

Other things to consider

  • The plates can’t be removed so it can be difficult to clean.

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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Chocolate Chip CookiesI just made chocolate chip cookies which is a bit of an event for me as I am not much of a baker. Not that I can’t do it, but I just don’t get around to doing it much.

I always like to look for easy recipes so when I was doing a bit of research for my Vollrath Cookie Sheet review I came across a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies that everyone was raving about. Well, I had to give it a go as they all said it was a really easy recipe.

Well they were right about that. It’s a great one to make with the kids.

Chocolate Chip CookiesI found the recipe at the Nestle website but because I didn’t have the exact Nestle choc bits I used the larger type and broke them up into smaller bits. This is why my cookies in the photo above look nothing like the biscuits on their website…that’s my excuse anyway.

BUT they taste really good. I just had one and nearly burnt my mouth as of course I couldn’t wait for them to cool down.

So if you want the recipe then just head over the Nestle site – Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Royal Doulton Old Country Roses – Devilled Egg Dish

I love Royal Doulton’s Royal Albert Old Country Roses setting and have a full dinner setting for 8, plus various other dishes such as soup tureens, serviette holders, butter pat dishes, casseroles etc. So I am always on the lookout for new pieces to add to my ever growing collection.

One of the items I serve on a regular basis when entertaining is devilled eggs. So when I saw this Royal Albert Old Country Roses Deviled Egg Dish I knew I was just going to have to add it to the collection.

The Old Country Roses Deviled Egg Dish measures 11 inches in diameter and has indents to nicely hold the filled eggs.

The dish features the beautiful signature design of sprays of roses with gold accents.

My Devilled Eggs

  • Boil 12 eggs until hard ( use as many eggs as you need)
  • When the eggs are ready, run them under very cold water so that the shells peel away cleanly.
  • Peel the eggs and cut in half with a sharp knife.
  • Carefully scoop out the yolks into a bowl ( I use a teaspoon as this removes the yolks cleanly from the white)
  • Mix the yolks with a few dollops of good quality mayonnaise,  a couple of tsps of curry powder, some salt and pepper  and anything else you like.  I sometimes add finely chopped parsley.
  • If the mixture is too dry add some milk or cream until it is firm but not crumbly.

    Spoon or pipe the mixture into the egg white cases  and pop on the plate.

    Simple but tasty.

The Royal Doulton Company has manufactured its range of fine bone china and porcelain tableware and collectibles for almost 200 years.

Royal Doulton, was granted a “Royal Warrant”. These warrants are given to companies who have supplied members of the Royal Family with goods or services on a regular basis. The Royal Warrant is regarded as a mark of supreme excellence and quality and it cannot, be bought or sold.

In 1901, King Edward awarded the first of five Royal Warrants to Royal Doulton which then became known as  The Royal Doulton Company. Meaning that Royal Doulton now holds two Royal Warrants.

Royal Doulton’s brand Royal Albert also holds two Royal Warrants and their Old Country Roses is probably one of the most sort after and recognisable bone china tableware pattern in the world.