MIU Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

MIU Magnetic Knife HolderDon’t you just hate hiding away your beautiful knives in a drawer where they invariably become blunt and knicked as they bump against other knives and utensils; or in your knife block, which takes up a lot of your valuable kitchen counter space.

With the MIU Stainless-Steel Magnetic Knife Holder is a great solution for keeping your knives handy as you can have them  within easy reach above your preparation area, while keeping them safely away from the kids.

The magnetic bar measures 20 inches long, 3/4 ” wide and 2″ thick  so it is long enough to hold your whole range of kitchen knives large or small and including your meat cleaver.

The bar is encased in 18/10 stainless steel so it will fit in nicely with most kitchen decor.

The mounting screws for hanging the bar are included.

Of the 73 customers who reviewd the MIU Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder, 60 reviewers gave it 5 stars and the other 12 gave it 4 stars. Most wrote long interesting reviews completely explaining why they like this magnetic knife holder so much.

Why not pop over to  Amazon.com and read why everyone loves this kitchen accessory so much.

Where Can I Buy the MIU Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder?

Oxo Steel Kitchen Utensil Tool Rack

Oxo Utensil Tool RackI always find it frustrating to be in the middle of cooking something only to find that I need a particular utensil, which of course is tucked away somewhere in the back of a drawer.

Well the Oxo Steel Utensil Tool Rack means that you can have all your favorite and most used kitchen utensils handy and ready to use at a moments notice.

Most utensils, kitchen gadgets and certainly all of the Oxo Good Grips tools have a hole conveniently placed in the handles so they are ready to hang.

The Oxo tool rack is made from brushed stainless steel so it is going fit in with almost any kitchen decor and being stainless it is durable giving you years of use.

The rack has six independent sliding hooks so you can place your kitchen tools to suit how you want them to hang and in what order is most convenient for you to reach.  And as the hooks have an open design you will find that most kitchen gadgets will fit.

Everything you need to hang the tool rack is included and the premarked holes allow for easy drilling.

The Oxo Steel Kitchen utensil tool rack  measures 17-3/4 inches in length.

The majority of people who purchased the Oxo Tool Rack give it two thumbs up.

Where Can I Read the Reviews & Buy the Oxo Steel Utensil Tool Rack?

Bosch TKN68E75UC Benvenuto Built-In Coffee System with Variable Brewing System

Bosch Benvenuto Built-In Coffee System with Variable Brewing Syste

Looking for a coffee brewing system that will give you an experience that is generally associated with Italian cafes or coffeehouses, then this is the coffee machine for you.

The Bosch : Benvenuto Built-In Coffee System has a height adjustable coffee dispenser that allows you to select what size cup of coffee you require.

It simply takes the push of a button to select you favorite brew – from how coarse you like your coffee ground to how big a cup of coffee you want, be it a small espresso or that extra large coffee that you need when a small hit just isn’t going to do it for you.  There are 12 different cup sizes to choose from.

There are separate chambers for to hold both coffee beans (14oz) and ground coffee, giving you the choice of which you want to use. And you can brew one or two cups at the one time. The water tank holds 70 ounces and is removable for easy filling and the machine has adjustable water hardness.

Once you have made your selection the Bosch: Benvenuto Built-In Coffee System with its AROMASWIRL system begins the process of extracting all the flavor from each and every coffee bean in the pressurized chamber,  giving you  rich full flavored coffee.

This coffee machine is absolutely ideal for the coffee connoisseur who loves the full rich flavor of their coffee and for those with limited counter top space as the system is built in, freeing up your counter top.

The digital display on the front of the machine has a selection of 8 languages and it allows you to check the water filter status and the  coffee temperature.

The unit has two-timer functions which are the  switch-on time and the auto shut-off, plus the display also shows the total brewing cycles counter.

The  drip tray catches any spills so that both the coffee machine and your counter top are kept tidy and the drip tray and grounds container can be easily removed for cleaning.

The Benveuto has automatic cleaning, descaling and rinsing features.

The Bosch: TKN68E75UC Benvenuto built in coffee system is not cheap, but the quality, features,  classic styling, durability and sheer performance make it worth every cent spent.

Where Can I Buy the Bosch Benvenuto Built-In Coffee System with Variable Brewing System?

Lenox Butterfly Meadow 18 Piece Dinnerware Set, Stoneware Dinner Service

Lenox Butterfly Meadow 18-Piece Dinnerware SetThe Lenox Butterfly Meadow 18 Piece dinnerware set one of those dinner sets that suit everyday use for the family while being equally  ideal for when you are entertaining.

The pretty pattern is based on designs from Lenox artist Louise de Luyer and features a variety of pretty florals and an assortment of beautiful butterflies.

This dinnerware can be safely placed in the freezer and it can also be popped in the oven or microwave before serving it up at the table.

Easy to clean, the set can be placed in the dishwasher.

The set has scalloped and ridged edges on both the plates and the mugs. The scalloped edge on the mugs may be an issue with some people as they may find the mugs awkward to drink from.

This is a very pretty all purpose dinnerset that would make an ideal gift and there are a number of beautiful accessories available in the Lennox Butterfly Meadow Collection.

What’s is included in the Box:

An 18 piece Dinnerware set:

  • 6 dinner plates measuring 10-3/4″
  • 6 salad plates measuring 9″
  • 6 plates
  • 6 mugs 12 ounce

Why not read the reviews at Amazon.com where you can also buy a set of the Lennox Butterfly Meadow Dinner Set and accessories.

J.A.Henckels Twingrip 4-Piece Colored Paring Knives

J A Henckels Twingrip 4-Piece Colored Paring KnivesJ.A. Henckels Twingrip 4-Piece Colored Paring Knives are just so handy in the kitchen and their brightly colored handles mean you can easily identify the knife you need,

The blades are made from quality, high carbon stainless steel and each is shaped to perform a particular function.

The handles are made from molded, slip resistant plastic which are textured, giving you a secure grip even when the handles are wet.

Because the knives are lightweight you will find that wrist strain is not an issue when you are peeling and paring for any length of time.

The knives are easy to clean and can be placed in the dishwasher.

We have previously written about Henckels 3 piece paring set and it is nice to know that J A Henckles have answered the need for those who like to have the functionality of the serrated utility knife.

What is included in the J A  Henckels Twingrip 4 pce colored paring knife set:

  • a 4.5″ serrated utility knife (red handle) with a rounded point which is ideal for slicing tomatoes.
  • a 4″ classic paring knife (green handle),
  • a 3″ straight-edge knife (yellow handle) lets you thinly slice fruit and vegetables
  • a 2.25″ curved-blade knife (blue handle)

Another great feature when buying Henckels knives is that you get the Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

These knives get the thumbs up from most reviewers and you can read the reviews  and pick up a set or two at Amazon.com