Review: Krups FDD912 Expert Waffle Maker with Rotary System

412h8xdxyxl_sl500_aa280_.jpgWho doesn’t like fresh waffles in the morning? Many people who are traveling actually look forward to the continental breakfast if they have a make your own waffle machine. Why have to wait until you are on a trip to enjoy these fresh waffles. Now you can own the Krups FDD912 Expert Waffle Maker with Rotary System , which will let you have those same, fluffy waffles at home, any time you want.

This machine, which measures 16.3 x 9 x 9.7 inches, will make two Belgian waffles at a time.

The stainless steel construction offers a very sturdy device that not only cooks like the professional machines, but also is attractive to add to your kitchen.

If you pour too much batter in, it’s not a problem as it comes with a drip tray that will catch the batter that overflows from your over-zealous pouring.

What We Like

The removable plates on this waffle maker make clean up much easier than most. You can take them out, clean them and then reinstall them.

41mfcm3wadl_aa280_.jpgThe handle on the device folds down when not in use to take up less storage space in the kitchen.

It’s has a fast turnout with waffles ready in just over four minutes.

It is well built and sturdy. It will not be falling over on the counter with just a little hit.

There is an adjustable heat setting so you can make sure you get waffles cooked just the way you want them.

You can flip the cooking area to make more even waffles.

What We Don’t Like

Sometimes there is a gap between the removable plates when you put them back in. This can make cooking uneven.

There is no timer, so you have to keep an eye on the waffles as they cook.


Where Can I Buy the Krups FDD912 Expert Waffle Maker with Rotary System?

BUY Senseo Douwe Egberts Coffee Pods Online

Senseo Coffee PodsIf you own a Senseo Coffee Machine then the internet is a great place to buy your Senseo coffee pods.

The prices are generally better online and you can take your time choosing your favorite flavors right in the comfort of your own home.

Senseo have introduced quite a few different flavors including Colombia Blend, Kenya Blend, Sumatra Blend and Brazil Blend. Also available are French Vanilla,  Vienna Hazelnut Waltz and Irish Cream…yum yum!

Amazon has a great range of Senseo coffee pods including:

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REVIEW: Home Styles Wood Top Natural Kitchen Cart with Breakfast Bar

Wood Top Natural Kitchen CartWhether you need more storage space in your kitchen, need more area to prepare great meals or just would like to have a mobile buffet for those big family events, you can use the Home Styles Wood Top Natural Kitchen Cart with Breakfast Bar as the one piece that will serve all of those purposes.

At it’s basic, this piece is a mobile shelf that measures 54 inches wide, 36.25 inches tall and 18 inches deep (if the breakfast bar is folded up, it expands to 30 inches deep) that can be moved anywhere in the kitchen to help you prepare for a meal.

But it also has a breakfast bar that can be folded up to give you even more space. At one end it holds a knife block and caddy for all of your kitchen utensils. The other end holds a towel rack to clean your hands and work surface.

From a storage standpoint this solid wood breakfast bar comes with a pair of storage drawers at the top to keep any other tools you need close at hand as well as plenty of under-counter shelving that can be adjusted to fit whatever kitchen items you need to put away.

What We Like

  • Unlike many items that you have to assemble from tiny pieces, many of the pieces of this unit arrive assembled so it does not take long to put it together and put it to work in your kitchen.
  • For the parts that you do have to put together, the instructions are clear and easy to follow and the pieces are well labeled.
  • This is an excellent way to squeeze a little more storage space into your kitchen.
  • It makes a great mobile island in the kitchen when you need a little more space for meal prep.
  • It can also serve as a buffet when entertaining.
  • It is a sturdy piece that will hold up to a lot of use.

Where Can I Buy the Home Styles Wood Top Natural Kitchen Cart with Breakfast Bar ?

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving: 400 Delicious and Creative Recipes for Today (Hardcover) REVIEW


Ball Complete Book of Home PreservingSTARTING OFF IN THE WORLD OF CANNING


The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving: 400 Delicious and Creative Recipes for Today starts you at the beginning and walks you step-by-step through the process of making your own preserves. The book covers the mechanics of preserving from safety during canning to all the items you will need to get going.

When you’re ready to get down to canning, you will not want for recipes of what to make. This book has over 400 recipes that run the gamut. If you want something tangy you can choose from various pickles, salsas and dipping sauces. Have a sweet tooth? There are plenty of jelly, jam and pie filling recipes that will make your mouth water.

This book is a must have for anyone new to the world of canning and preserving.

What We Like

  • This is a great starter book to help someone new to food preservation through the basics. It also has a lot of recipes to try as you get started.
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions are perfect to help a beginner through the process and keep them from being lost.
  • The recipes include a nice variety from salsas to pickling, dipping sauces, jams and pie fillers.

Some things to consider:

  • If you have the canning basics down and have gone through the process a time or two, you may not get too much new information out of this book. This is definitely a beginning to intermediate canning book.
  • For those who are visual learners and doers, it would have been nice to have more pictures in the book to use as a reference.

Do you need to update your pressure cooker/ canner. Read our review on the Best Pressure Cooker/Canner.

Where Can I Buy a Copy of the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving: 400 Delicious and Creative Recipes for Today (Hardcover)?

REVIEW: Back to Basics 286 5-Piece Home-Canning Kit

41gkd6866zl_sl500_aa280_.jpgIf you have been thinking of trying your hand at canning some of the great produce you have been growing or just want to save some of that great applesauce you create, the Back to Basics 286 5-Piece Home-Canning Kit may be the perfect purchase for you.

This kit comes with all the tools a beginning canner needs to get going – a jar lifter, magnetic lid lifter, funnel, tongs and a jar opener. Each of these tools has heat-resistant handles to keep you from getting a little too hot while working in the kitchen. Just add your own jars and food and you’re ready to start canning.

For those who are just starting in the world of canning this is a great kit to use to get your feet wet. It is economical, compared to purchasing all the items individually, and will give you what you need to get the job done.

If you later become more serious about canning, you can replace these with higher end canning tools, and not be out too much money.

What We Like

  • That this comes all in one easy package. It is a real time saver to not have to look for all the individual items you would need.
  • This kit contains everything a beginner needs. It also includes a number of tips and tricks that most beginners would otherwise have to learn by trial and error.
  • The magnet pick up stick is a new and useful tool for getting lids out of a boiling pot.
  • The jar grabber that comes with this kit has a very nice grip and is much better than the old options of trying to fish the bottle out.

Something to consider:

  • The pieces in this kit are made of plastic and that means the more you use them around the heat the more they can warp and change their shape.

Now once you have this handy canning kit, do you need to update your pressure cooker/canner so that you get the best results while canning.  Then you need to check out our review on the Best pressure cooker /canner.

I Need This – Where Can I Buy the Back to Basics 286 5-Piece Home Canning Kit?