Cuisinart Hamburger Patty Maker Set – Make Your Own Hamburgers

Cuisinart Hamburger Patty PressThe Cuisinart Hamburger Patty Maker Set is a really handy kitchen accessory for anyone who likes to make their own hamburger patties at home.

I have a patty maker and it gets a lot of use because, living in a rural area,  I like to buy my meat in bulk and freeze it down so I have meals on hand whenever they are required.  And making up hamburger patties is part of that process.

Before making my hamburger patties I like to add finely chopped onion, capsicum and grated carrot along with mixed herbs to the minced meat. In fact I add whatever I have on hand that I would use if I was cooking the patties straight away. This means the patties already have flavor added when I am  ready to cook them.

You will find that the patty maker turns out uniform patties.

Included are 4 storage containers so you can pop the patties into refrigerator or freezer.

When I am making up bulk patties I turn them out of the containers when they are frozen and bulk bag them using my foodsaver vacuum sealer.

The set is dishwasher safe so it cleans up easily.

Why not pop on over to and pick one up.

Wolfgang Puck Organic Chicken with Wild Rice Soup, 14.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

Wolfgang Puck SoupWolfgang Puck has a wide variety of organic soups to choose from when you wanta quick to prepare, but nourishing meal.

I have selected the organic Chicken with Wild Rice Soup simply because the majority of consumers who buy this product – like the texture and the taste.

Wolfgang Puck is well known for his dedication to producing quality food products and his soups are no exception.

To make this tasty Organic Chicken with Wild Rice Soup the process begins with  real organic vegetable stock to which are added chunks of organic chicken, organic vegetables and organic wild rice. These ingredients are gentle simmered to produce  a thick, hearty and delicious soup.

There is a whole range of tasty Wolfgang Puck  Organic recipes to try and it certainly makes sense to keep a box on hand for when visitors pop in unexpectedly or you just want a quick lunchtime meal.

Directions for cooking:

Note: Do not add water

On the Range Top:

  • Place contents into saucepan over low heat
  • Heat several minutes or until hot, stirring occasionally.
  • Serve on its own or with hot crusty bread slices.

Microwave Oven:

  • Place contents in a microwave-safe bowl.
  • Heat, covered on high 2 1/2 – 3 minutes or until hot, stirring once half way through heating cycle.

Make sure you refrigerate  the unused portion in a storage container. Do not refrigerate the unused portion in the can.

What are the ingredients:

Chicken Stock (Water, Chicken Meat [Certified Organic Ingredient] and Natural Juices [Certified Organic Ingredient], Salt, Cane Sugar [Certified Organic Ingredient], Maltodextrin [Certified Organic Ingredient], Natural Flavor, Dried Onion [Certified Organic Ingredient], Potato Starch [Certified Organic Ingredient], Dried Garlic [Certified Organic Ingredient], Turmeric [Certified Organic Ingredient], and Spice Extractives), Organic Carrots, Organic Cooked Chicken Meat, Organic Celery, Organic Wild Rice, Organic Potato Starch, Organic White Rice.

Why not check out the range of other Wolfgang Puck Soups at
Buy a couple of boxes of different types so that you have plenty of variety on hand at a moments notice.

Where Can I get the Best Price for Wolfgang Puck Organic Soups?

Cattitude Stacker Tea Sets For Catlovers From Hues & Brews


These cute looking stackable tea sets are just ideal for you or they would make a lovely gift for your tea drinking, cat loving friends.

Adorned with sleek black cats with white eyes on the teapot and paw prints  on the cup. These lovely sets are designed to make your tea drinking  for one a pleasant experience.

This ceramic teaset for one has a unique glaze featuring a ‘cattitude’ design on a lovely blue jay blue background.

This Cattitude stacker set includes

  • 15oz teapot
  • an 8oz cup
  • one large saucer

The teapot is designed to fit on top of the  mug  which makes it easy to store or to pop somewhere  as a decorative display.

This set is also available in Cattitude Ivory -Tea for One


And for those who prefer a more elongated style of teapot and cup rather than the rounded shape,  how about this lovely pink stoneware set with a black  Cattitude design.

The teapot nestles nicely inside the cup for easy storage or for decorative effect.

The Pink Cattitude teaset for one, includes:

  • 16oz teapot
  • 12 oz cup

So now cat lovers sit back and enjoy your tea in style.

Check out the full range of  Cattitude teasets at and

You will be delighted with the mugs, cups, travel mugs, infuser teapots and other accessories that are available.

And when your friend is visiting you can both enjoy a cuppa  using the Hues N Brews Cattitude Tea For Two Set in Pink/Green.

The set includes a 28 ounce teapot with lid, two 8 ounce teacups and a handy serving tray.

Hues N Brews 28-oz. Cattitude Tea For Two Set, Pink/Green

The lovely Cattitude Range from Hues & Brews can be purchased from?

Bialetti Mini Express 2-Cup Stovetop Percolator

Bialetti Mini Express 2-Cup Stovetop PercolatorJust you and a friend for coffee then you probably don’t need to get the big percolator out of the cupboard, that will make way too much coffee and you will both drink an excessive amount, which we know is not good for you.

All you really need for times like this is the Bialetti Mini Express 2-Cup Stovetop Percolator.  You can perc 2 cups of coffee in a very short time.

The easy to use percolator can be popped onto the stove top and it will produce great tasting espresso in 4-5 minuts.

Elegant Italian styling and durable Italian quality.

Take the hassle out of making just two cups of coffee with the Bialetti mini express 2 cup stovetop percolator and spend more time chatting.

The percolator is easy to clean – it is highly recommended that you do not use soap.

The cups shown in the picture are not included.

Reviews on how the percolator vary but the majority of people who purchased the item find it works just as it is supposed to.

You can read the reviews and pick up one of these cute mini espresso makers  at

Zyliss Easy Spin Salad Spinner – 4-6 Serving

Zyliss Salad SpinnerJust one tug on the pulley of your Zyliss Easy Spin Salad Spinnerand you will have your salad greens spinning away at high speed, and in no time at all, your lettuce will be dry.

You can watch the greens spinning round through the viewing window, is you so desire.

You can use the bow spin you salad and then you use the bowl to store the dry salad greens in your refrigerator. The spinning lid can be used as an airtight lid, to keep  everything nice and fresh.

The bowl of the  Zyliss Easy Spin salad spinner measures 10.25 inches so it holds a lot of salad, enough in fact for 4-6 serves.

Reviews on both and for this particular salad spinner are very positive.

Features of the Zyliss Easy Spin Salad Spinner:

  • There is an automatic cord retraction system
  • a stop button linked directly to disk brakes and the quick braking action fluffs the salad.
  • a hard-wearing, high-tech cord
  • a non –slip ring – for guaranteed secure grip
  • a spinning lid that doubles directly as an air-tight lid
  • an attractive bowl that also doubles as a salad serving bowl
  • a space-saving and stackable design
  • an integrated drainage basket that can also be used for hot foods
  • spinning mechanism that not only accelerates the basket extremely rapidly, but also reaches a high speed.
  • retractable, easy-pull cord and innovative glidewheel motion
  • produce stays fresher longer
  • non-slip base for stability
  • made from high-impact plastic
  • dishwasher-safe
  • comes with a 5-year guarantee

Many who purchased this product went back and brought another, either for themselves or as a gift. And they wonder how they did without it in the past.

The Zyliss Easy Spin  Salad Spinner 2-3 serve is  ideal for spinning smaller quantities and even herbs.

Where Can I Buy the Zyliss Easy Spin Salad Spinner?