KitchenCalc Handheld Kitchen Calculator with Timer

kitchencald-handheld-kitchen-calculatorIf you have ever experienced the frustration of increasing or decreasing a recipe simply by guess work  and having a meal turn out to be either unappetising or even a complete disaster then you will find the
KitchenCalc Handheld Kitchen Calculator with Timer
to be invaluable.

Regardless of whether you want to increase the recipe to serve a large number of people or decrease the number of serves to suit one or two people, you will get it right every time using the this great little device.

The KitchenCalc was designed expressley for anyone  like you and me who could do with a helping hand to convert units or scaling recipes, regardless of whether you are a home cook or professional.

It is easy to use and small enough to pop in your pocket and store in the kitchen utility drawer so that it is always near at hand.

So what is the Kitchencalc handheld calculator with timer? Well it’s an  easy to use innovative kitchen aid that makes it easy for you to calculate the increase or decrease in recipe yields or portions quickly and accurately. So you will no longer experience disappointing results that waste time and ingredients.

Features of the Kitchencalc hand held calculator with timer:

  • Allows you to accurately scale recipes up or down.
  • Lets you scale for number of servings or portions, or both
  • You can convert cooking volume units (tsp, tbsp, fluid ounces, cups, pints, quarts, gallons, milliliters, centiliters, liters, and also very small quantities such as dash & pinch).
  • You can convert units of weight – dry ounces, pounds, grams, kilograms
  • Lets you convert temperatures  from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa
  • Lets you work directly in kitchen fractions such as 1/2 cup
  • You can do quick math with cooking units e.g. 1-1/4 tsp x 7, 3-1/3 cups minus 11-1/2 ounces
  • You can use the count up/down digital kitchen timer.
  • Use the timer independently or while using the calculator.
  • Gives you confidence when converting metric units for popular European recipes
  • Use it as a regular calculator, or to solve other household mixture problems.
  • The calculator has a 360-degree flip-over, hinged, hard case
  • There is a soft, clear vinyl cover that protects the keys during use and allows easy cleaning
  • Comes with an easy to read User’s Guide
  • Has a long-life battery
  • 1-Year Warranty

Where Can I Buy the Kitchencalc Handheld Calculator with Timer?

Pink Bonjour Hot Chocolate Making Set – 4 Pce

41r-3e2uiel__sl500_aa280_.jpgSnuggling up on the sofa with a piping mug of hot chocolate in the winter is a favorite pastime for all ages.

And with this Pink Bonjour Hot Chocolate Making Set gives you all the tools you need to make exquisite, rich and cream hot chocolate drinks with the push of a button on the automatic mixing unit.

The automatic mixer uses 2 AA batteries (not included) and it smoothly combines the hot milk and the chocolate.

The stylish ceramic hot chocolate pot is just perfect for making old-fashioned hot chocolate just how you like it.

Bonjour 4-pc. Hot Chocolate Making Set, PinkThe pot has  a clear lid so that  you can look into the pot to see how nicely the milk and chocolate is mixing together.

There are two 14-oz. mugs included with the hot chocolate pot.

The mugs are dishwasher safe  but it is recommended that you hand wash the ceramic hot chocolate making pot.

For a doubly decadent treat you can add marshmallows to the the hot chocolate in the mug and serve your hot chocolate with a few chocolate biscuits or a piece of chocolate and mint slice.

Where Can I Buy the Bonjour Hot Chocolate Making Set?

Oxo Good Grips Pastry Scraper

OXO Good Grips Pastry ScraperIf you have a love for baking then you really need a pastry scraper. A pastry scraper will make short work of keeping your bench top clear of built up flour and dough after kneading.

The Oxo Good Grips Pastry Scraper has a stainless steel blade with a wide non-slip rubber handle.

The blade itself includes includes measurements in inches which is perfect for dividing out bread dough or cookie dough. The measurements are actually etched into the blade so they won’t come off.

Although not the ideal this little kitchen accessory can also be used to chop foods. And you can use it to pick up chopped vegetables and herbs.

You could even use it to slice up pizza.

The OXO Good Grips Pastry Scraper is dishwasher safe.

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Pyrex Prepware 13 Piece Set

Pyrex 13 Piece SetI am a bit of a fan of Pyrex products. They are strong and durable and generally last a lifetime.Every kitchen should have at least a few pieces of Pyrex and this 13-pc. Pyrex Set is a great starter set.

The bowls are not only good for mixing just about anything in but are also great serving bowls for chips, popcorn or even as a fruit bowl.

Having three different measuring cups means that you won’t need to keep washing the one cup to reuse it whilst cooking up a dish. The cups offer both standard and metric measurements

The pieces in this set are all dishwasher safe so that saves you having to hand wash.

What’s Included

  • 1qt mixing bowl
  • 1.5qt mixing bowl
  • 2.5qt mixing bowl
  • 1 cup measuring cup
  • 2 cup measuring cup
  • 4 cup measuring cup
  • set of 6 measuring spoons
  • egg separator

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We found the best price at Amazon

Valentines Day Approaches – Le Creuset Heart Shaped Casserole

le-creuset-heart-shaped-casseroldCook up a tasty treat using the Le Creuset Enameled Heart-Shaped Covered Casserole for your special person on Valentines Day.

Of course the heart shaped casserole can be used for any special occasion or at anytime at all.

The Le Creuset enameled heart shaped casserole has a 2 quart capacity and it is just ideal for  cooking up a meal of Boeuf Bourguignon, baking potatoes or even a small soufflé.

Made in France by Le Creuset, from enameled cast iron, this heart shaped casserole will heat quickly and retain the heat. It will also resist chipping

So what are some of the features of the Le Creuset Heart Shaped Casserole:

  • there are handles on each side for easy lifting
  • the casserole dish can be used in the oven or on the stovetop
  • because it is made from enameled cast iron it  fficiently conducts and retains heat
  • the heavy, tight-fitting, dome lid retains the juices within the casserole
  • the knob on lid is ovenproof to 450 degrees F
  • the casserole holds 2 quarts
  • it is dishwasher-safe
  • And how’s this – it has a 101-year warranty
  • Le Creuset make cookware in beautiful, bright colors that compliment any kitchen.

    Where Can I Buy the Le Creuset Heart Shaped Casserole?