Cheeses for the Guys Assortment by iGourmet

iGourmet Cheese Assortment PlatterI’m not real sure why they think this Cheese Assortment is just for the guys…it looks good enough for me. I love cheese and can’t get enough of the stuff.

iGourmet did a bit of research here and determined that when they presented at food trade shows around the country that there were certain cheeses that the guys really liked.

So what they did was put them all together in the one cheese assortment pack.

This cheese pack contains the following:

  • Red Leaf Cheddar – This is a Canadian soft cheese with a slightly tangy aftertaste.
  • Whiskey Blue – Aged with Bourbon Whiskey this blue cheese has a slightly smoky flavor.
  • Bruder Basil – This is a smoky flavored cheese and it isn’t actually named after the herb but after a man.
  • Wild Garlic Gouda – As the name suggests this is a gouda cheese but with the mouth watering taste of garlic.
  • Water crackers – You can’t have cheese without crackers.
  • iGourmet Signature Series Cheese Knife

It also comes gift boxed so its ready to give as a present.


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Sterling Silver Francis I Hand Made Baby Cup from Reed & Barton

sterling-silver-baby-cupWhat a beautiful gift this would make for a christening or baby shower. The Reed & Barton 5-oz. Francis I Baby Cup is one that will be handed down through the generations. This is quality and class all the way.

Made from sterling silver the baby cup is hand made and hand polished making this a cherished keepsake.

This cup can be engraved so it can be personalized to suit. Make sure you go to the experts for this as at this price you don’t want to mess this one up.

The cup is a 5oz capacity and measures approximately 4.5in in height and 4in in width.

This is not something you should be putting the dishwasher so ensure that you handwash with warm soapy water instead. To keep it shiny use a specialized silver polish.


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Cuisinart 10 pce Advantage Nonstick Cookware Set

cuisinart-10-pce-nonstick-advantage-cookware-setThe  Cuisinart 10-pce Nonstick Advantage  Cookware Set is a totally modern looking set with its smart red color.

This cookware set has an aluminum construction so you know your saucepans and frypans are going to give you quick, even heat distribution.

The  Cuisinart 10 pce Nonstick Advantage Cookware set has the Cuisinart  exclusive resilience premium nonstick interior  so that food releases easily and does not stick.  It also means that you will be cooking healther as the non stick surface requires less butter an oils to cook with.

The set has comfortable, stay cool silicone Easy Grip handles which give you a secure gripping surface and the handles are securely riveted to the sides.

The lid is made from tempered glass so you can see how the food is cooking without having to lift up the lid, and because the lids fit tightly, all the steam and flavor is sealed in.

Because the cooking surface is non stick, you will find that clean up is easy and all of the  pieces are dishwasher safe.

The Cuisinart 10 pce Nonstick Advantage Cookware set includes.

  • 8-in. Skillet
  • 10-in. Skillet
  • 1-qt Covered Saucepan
  • 2.5-qtCovered Saucepan
  • 3-qt Covered Saucepan

Where Can I Buy theCuisinart 10 pce Nonstick Advantage Cookware set ?

REVIEW: Rival F69206-X 6-Quart Electric White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer

rival-electric-white-mountain-ice-cream-freezerThe Rival Electric White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer makes 6 quarts of ice cream or frozen yogurt and is considered to be one of the best ice cream makers in America.

The Rival F69206-X 6-Quart Electric White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer is based on traditional ice cream makers although the need to hand crank the machine is no longer needed with the introduction of the electric motor. It has a triple motion dasher which ensures that the ice cream is mixed thoroughly resulting in smooth and creamy ice cream. The interior is a stainless steel freezer can and the outer bucket is made from solid pine.

What We Like

  • You’re not limited to just making ice cream. You can also make frozen yogurt and sherbet in this maker.
  • The freezer can and dasher are dishwasher safe.
  • It comes with an instruction manual and recipes are included.
  • It’s manufactured in the US.

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REVIEW: Cadco POV-25 Professional Quarter Size Convection Oven

cadco-quarter-size-convection-ovenMeasuring 10 1/2in and 17 1/2in in height this is by no means a large size convection oven. If you are looking for a family size oven then this is not for you. However, if you want a compact convection oven for your kitchen then this is the one for you.

The Cadco POV-25 Professional Quarter Size Convection Oven is not a flashy appliance with high tech digital displays. Instead it is fitted with basic dial controls with temperatures ranging up to 500F. If you hate the complex digital controlled appliances then you will love the simplicity of this one. It is a good solid well built machine that will do the job intended.

What We Like

  • It has a removable crumb tray which makes for easier clean up.
  • It has a dial to control the darkness of your toast.
  • It has an auto shut off.
  • The door and handle stay cool to touch.
  • The base of the oven is fitted with non-skid feet.
  • It includes an aluminum pan.
  • It is fitted with a timer.

Want to Read More Reviews?

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