Carrie’s Cooking Adventures – Blog of the Week

Carrie’s Cooking AdventuresThis weeks ‘Blog of the Week’ is

‘Carrie’s Cooking Adventures’

Now here is a blog with a refreshing approach, Carrie test drives recipes and comments on how they turn out, if it works and how it tastes. and she fully acknowledges where the recipe has come from.

The photos that accompany each recipe show how the dish looks on completion.

For a really quick and easy sweet treat why not try this recipe from Carrie’s grandmother ‘Peanut Butter Delights’  or the Pork loin with Gorgonzola sauce for a substantial, satisfying meal.

So head on over to Carrie’s blog if you want good honest to truth reviews on the recipes she tries out.

Now just in case you aren’t aware, Carrie has a new site for her blog and although you will still find lots of lovely recipes on Carries Cooking Adventures, you will find even more on Carrie’s Sweet Life so make sure you check out both sites for some taste tempters.

Thyme For Cooking – Blog of the Week

Thyme for CookingThis weeks fabulous Blog of the Week is

 ‘Thyme For Cooking – the blog’

The blog is written by Katie who has spent time in Ireland, Andorra and France and this is reflected in her fabulous array of recipes.

There are some humourous posts such as the time her dog Sedi caught a rabbit, that subsequently died but there was no rabbit pie on the menu that night. So the blog is a mix of tales of Katies life with loads of great recipes for you to try.

Thyme for Cooking, the blog is associated with the Thyme for Cooking website, where you will find menu planners that take the hassle out of thinking what to prepare for meals. It’s a great time saver as you are not only given the menu’s for the week but the details on preparing the meal and a shopping list.  Talk about easy!

Why not try these great tasting meals Chicken Vegetable Barley soup, the Scallops Provençal  and the Pumpkin Gnocchi.

bFeedMe – Blog Of The Week

bfeedme.JPGThis weeks ‘Blog of the Week’ is


What a fantastic collection of recipes that are beautifully presented with easy to follow instructions.

Where to begin, well firstly there is the Coffee Jelly which is so easy to make and looks great when you are entertaining. And your guests will really love you if you serve them a Chocolate Martini.

Then there is the Autumn Harvest Stew which is a hearty stew for the cooler months and it will also ensure you get some use from you Dutch oven if you have one.

All in all this is a great blog with loads of ideas for meals and we recommend that you head on over to bFeedMe and check it out.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks – Blog of the Week

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

This weeks Blog of the Week is

‘The Pioneer Woman Cooks’

This great cooking blog is written by Ree.

The recipes have detailed instructions with step by step pictures, which is extremely helpful for both novice and experienced cooks.

There is nothing more frustrating to a newbie than to not know if there mixture looks as it should.  Well Ree has this well and truly covered in her instructions.

Lots of fabulous mouth watering recipes with pictures that I know you are just going to want to dive right in and try. 

I found myself browsing for quite some time through The Pioneer Woman Cooks and I am sure you will do the same.

Ree also provides her recipes in a printable form so if you are like my friend Paula who prints off recipes for her Recipe folder, then this is ideal for you.

A great site that I thoroughly recommend you visit.  Check out the Pioneer Womans Pasta Primevera.

So Many Recipes – So Little Time

pumpkins-in-field.JPGToday I spent a bit of time just browsing the net looking at food and cooking blogs. There are so many high quality blogs out there – it just amazes me sometimes.

I easily get sidetracked and you wouldn’t believe how many recipes I have printed out to try. I have a bit of a backlog at the moment but I am determined to try as many as possible.

Today I found a few recipes that I couldn’t resist. The first one was a nice recipe for Pumpkin Pie. Since it has been Thanksgiving in North America there are plenty of Pumpkin Pie recipes to choose from at the moment. I thought I would try this one over at Cuisine Capers.

I also found a recipe for Baileys Creme Brulee which I found at the Berry Simple blog. Creme Brulee is easily coffee-cup-and-coffee.JPGmy favorite dessert so a variation of it that includes Baileys Irish Cream has got to be good.

She also has a yummy recipe for Cauliflower Cheese. I like a recipe that can make a vegetable taste good.

And the last recipe I found to try this week is for Homemade Gingerbread Latte from Baking Bites. Now I am not a big coffee drinker…generally I will only drink a Cappucino when I am out and about… but this sounded delicious and I have all the ingredients except the cream.

So now that I have posted these here I am forced to make them, which is a good thing, otherwise they would be sitting in the ever increasing pile of recipes. Stay tuned for the results.