Top Ten Tips on Caring for Copper Cookware

All Clad Cop R Chef Copper Cookware SetCopper cookware can be a bit of a chore to look after but if you follow these top 10 tips it will ensure that your copper cookware stays in the best condition possible.

1. Use a mild detergent, hot water and a soft sponge or dishcloth to clean it.
2. Soak cooked-on food – don’t try and scrub it off.
3. Use a circular rotating motion when cleaning the inside of a copper pot.
4. Don’t put a hot pan into water. This can cause irreversible warping.
5. Always use a low flame for cooking as Copper and tin are very good conductors of heat.
6. Never heat an empty pan.
7. Use only wood, rubber or plastic utensils.
8. Never use metal or abrasive utensils.
9. An all over patina is fine but don’t allow your cookware to develop darkened areas which can cause hot spots.
10. Don’t use aerosol cooking sprays as they can leave a gummy residue which is very hard to remove.

Read the full guide to caring for copper cookware here…

Mauviel 5pce M’Heritage Copper Cookware Set

mauviel-mheritage-copper-cookware-setHow beautiful is this Mauviel 5pce M’Heritage Copper Cookware Set!!

This would make a perfect starter set for someone starting out in the copper cookware collecting and who has expressed an interest in having a cookware set manufactured by one of the foremost manufacturers of copper cookware in the world.

This Mauviel 5 pce set is from the  Cuprinox Style line and it has the essential starter pots and pans needed to whip up fine food in the kitchen.

They are crafted from a 90% pure  copper exterior  which gives you even heating and precise heat control, and they have a durable 18/10  stainless steel interior that won’t interact with foods and makes for easy cleaning.

The handles are stay cool cast stainless steel handles.

It is recommended that the set is handwashed with soap and water and clean with Copper Brill cleaner to keep the set looking great. Do not place in the dishwasher.

I am a great fan of Mauviel Copper Cookware, it looks beautiful and it is durable and functional.  It looks elegant hanging from a pot rack in the kitchen.

Mauviel M'Heritage Cupinox cookware with Bronze HandlesThis Mauviel 5 pce M’Heritage Copper Cookware Set includes:

  • 1.9-qt. Saucepan with Lid
  • 3.5-qt. Saute Pan with Lid
  • 9.5-in. Fry Pan Mauviel

The Mauviel cookware set is made by a French family business which was  established in 1830 so they have loads of experience in making cookware. The business is located in the Normandy town of Villedieu-les-Poeles and is the foremost manufacturer of professional copper cookware in the world today. They have  a large range of different lines of copper cookware including specialty items that are highly regarded by professional cooks.

The set is also available with Bronze handles from

Where Can I Buy the Mauviel 5pce M’Heritage Copper Cookware Set with stainless handles?
Where Can I Buy the Mauviel 5pce M’Heritage Copper Cookware Set with bronze handles?

Ruffoni Classici Stockpot – Saute Pan Combo – Copper Cookware

ruffoni-classici-stockpot-saute-pan-comboCopper cookware is a favorite of mine, even though it requires a little work to keep it pristine looking. Generally you can clean the outside with a copper cleaner. Never use an abrasive. You can also  rub the exterior with a cloth that has been moistened with salt and vinegar or salt and lemon juice to clean it.

Ruffoni have an excellent range of copper cookware that is very elegant as well as practical.

Take this Stockpot – Saute pan combination. How innovative is that!!

You have the convenience of your stockpot for all your boiling, simmering, blanching and steaming requirements and it is just right for making soups and stews. Plus you have your saute pan for searing, and of course to saute.

The Ruffoni Classici line of cookware is made has a 1.5mm to 2.5mm thickness of copper and the handles are made from cast brass or forged iron.

The Ruffoni Classici Stockpot/Saute Pan Combo is a two handled pot that measure 8 3/4 inches and is about the same in diameter as it is in height.

Things to remember when cooking with copper cookware:

If you have a new pan, then before you use it for the first time you should add some water to the pan and bring it to the boil, once it is boiling add some aromatic herbs such as rosemary, sage or bay leaf or you can  even just use some green vegetables.

Maintaining the durability of the tin lining:

  • Never heat the pan empty, always ensure there is a small amount of liquid or fat in the pan before putting it over the flame or heat source.
  • Never let the pan boil or go dry so don’t have the flame too high.
  • Use silicone, wood or plastic utensils for stirring or mixing. Metal will scratch the tin lining.
  • Copper is an excellent conductor of heat so food shouldn’t stick to the bottom of the pan, and it should come clean in warm soapy water. Never ever use abrasive cleaning products or scouring pads to clean copper.
  • If you do burn the inside of the pot or pan  either due to inattention or some error in cooking, simply immerse the pan in warm, soapy water and leave it to soak until the mark comes away easily.
  • Over time the tin lining will eventually stain or get marks which are caused by high temperatures or food acids, this will not harm you, or  the functionality and hygiene of the product.

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Ruffoni Cookware – An Italian Family Tradition Of Copper Cookware

ruffoni-cookwareAnyone who loves copper cookware will fall in love with the beautiful range of Ruffoni Copper Cookware

The Ruffoni factory is in the Northern Italian town of Omegna, nestled on the shores of Lago D’ Orta. Doesn’t that sound beautiful, it just rolls of the tongue.

The Ruffoni family are old world craftspeople who have been making their copper cookware for generations and each piece is molded one piece at a time.

Ruffoni have  3 cookware collections:

The Ruffoni Copper Opera hammered tin lined cookware range is considered to be their most elegant line.

A traditional hammered finish is achieved by the copper being hand pounded by skilled craftspeople. This imparts an old world warmth and charm to these quality pans.

The Opera range has heavy copper pans with a hand applied fire-tinned lining making the  cookware  not only functional,but also beautiful. The polished brass handles are secured with wide rivets. Just a note – the pan and lids are sold separately.

Both the Ruffoni Classici & Protagonista ranges of cookware, such as the beautiful Copper Paella Dish have a smooth polished finish and are made from solid copper with a hand-applied fire-tinned interior.

The fire-tinned interior adds minimal weight and yet gives superior conductivity so that you can use a lower heat to achieve a uniform temperature in minimal time. Each pan has highly polished brass handles which are  well secured with wide rivets.

The Ruffino Cookware range is elegant and functional and will look great in any kitchen.

Caring for your Copper Cookware


Mauviel – Copper 3 Qt. Saute Pan

Although copper is a lovely type of cookware which has unparalleled temperature control and heat conductivity, it has one major disadvantage – it tarnishes extremely easily. Here are some tips on caring for your copper cookware that will help you to keep your beautiful pots and pans gleaming and bright.

Using Copper Cookware Safely

Copper cookware
is a pleasure to use, but it is also expensive to replace. Luckily, with proper care, copper pots and pans can be used for many years. Some tips to help increase the lifespan of copper cooking utensils include:

  • Avoid using metal spatulas or cutting food items in the pans with metal knives. This can damage the interior lining of the pans.
  • Salt can also damage the stainless steel or tin lining of your copper pans. Don’t let salt water stand in your cookware for an extended period of time. When adding salt to water for pasta and similar dishes, wait until shortly before the water boils to add the salt.
  • If your copper pans are lined with tin, be sure to keep the heat under 450° F or you can melt the lining.
  • If you have cast-iron handles on your cookware, season them with a thin layer of olive or vegetable oil regularly. This will build up into a protective layer over time, which will prevent corrosion of the handles.
  • Never put a copper pan over high heat when it is empty.Mauviel - M'Hertiage Copper 5 Pc. Set (Copper) - Home

Cleaning Up After You Cook
Copper should never be put into the dishwasher. Instead, it should be cleaned with a synthetic or nylon scrubbing pan and gentle soaps. Filling the pan with water when it is still hot and scraping with a wooden or plastic spatula will remove stubborn food. Be sure to dry your pans thoroughly, as water droplets on the copper can make unsightly stains.

Removing Tarnish
If you use copper cookware, it will tarnish with time. Some people do not mind the darker patina that forms with the tarnish, feeling that it is the sign of a true cook. If you would like to keep your copper bright, however, use a non-abrasive commercial copper cleaner or create a paste from flour, salt, and water to polish the outer area.

Mauviel - M'Heritage Copper 10.2 Round Frying Pan (Copper) - Home
Repairing and Re-tinning Copper Cookware
Over the years, the inner lining of copper pots and pans can become scratched or pitted. This puts you at risk of copper leaching into your foods, which can be dangerous for your health. The risk is higher if you are working with acidic foods.

If your pans are lined with tin, you can have your pans re-tinned and returned to their original usefulness. This is usually much more cost-effective than purchasing new pots and pans. You can tell it’s time for repair when the copper starts to shine through the tin.