Emile Henry Flame – Top Tagine

emile-henry-flame-top-tagineTagine refers to both the cooking vessel and the dishes made with it.

This beautiful ceramic tagine introduced a whole new line of cookware from Emile Henry. Two years went into developing the innovative Flame-top line and the tagine was one of the first pieces perfected.

The tagine is made from glazed clay and features a distinctive  hat like lid that allows the steam to circulate inside.

The entire range of Flame-Top ceramic cookware has exceptional heat resistance and versatility. These pieces can be used directly on a gas flame, electric or halogen burner without the use of a diffuser.

There are many recipes available to get you started with your beautiful tagine, but keep in mind that Moroccan cooking allows for you to be totally imaginative and it won’t be long before you are creating your own free thinking fabulous meals.

There are a number of tasty tagine recipes on the Group Recipes website including this one for Moroccan Lamb Tangine.

I have one of these in the beautiful deep purple color and I use my tagine regularly as I love how it retains the flavours and the meat is always so juicy and tender.

Emile Henry Tagines come in a wide range of colors and sizes so there is sure to be one to suit your decor and the size of your family.

Their tagines are so lovely you will be quite happy bringing it to the table to serve from.

The Emile Henry Tagine is available from: